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Hygrnn's Other Bag
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Hygrnn
YOU: Do you have any work for me?
Hygrnn: You want some work?
Hygrnn: Oh, sure.
Hygrnn: I lost my other bag, you see.
Hygrnn: It contains some trade goods.
Hygrnn: Oh, I can never keep a handle on my bags.
Hygrnn: Do you think you can help me recover it?
YOU: Yes, I will help you.
Hygrnn: Great.
Hygrnn: I'd do it myself but I can't leave my goods unattended.
Hygrnn: I know I dropped it somewhere close to the winch, so it can't have gone far.
Hygrnn: I believe I dropped it two days ago.
Hygrnn: Ask around inside the winch building…about a missing bag.
Hygrnn: See if anyone's found one.
Hygrnn: Thanks again!
→ Go to Hakik Gheshd
YOU: Have you seen Hygrnn's bag?
Hakik: I'm in charge of the lost items.
Hakik: How long ago did you say this bag was lost?
YOU: For about two days now.
Hakik: Ah, yes, now I remember.
-Hakik opens a barrel and produces a leather bag, handing it to you.-
Hakik: One bag of mercantile goods, found two days ago by the Winch.
Hakik: You're welcome.
YOU: hands Hybrnn the bag, “Is this it?”
Hakik: Certainly looks like the bag.
-Hygrnn checks the bag and begins counting on his fingers.-
Hakik: Yes, it's all here.
Hakik: Thank you kindly.
Hakik: Here's some Tria for your efforts.
Rewards: 1 Gas glyph, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.