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Ineffective Affections
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Nkel
YOU: What can you tell me about Sysial Shillor?
Nkel: Ahhh.
Nkel: Sysial Shillor is a great woman.
Nkel: Young, strong, beautiful and reckless all at the same time.
Nkel: My brother is not charismatic at all, but he still has hopes to get her.
Nkel: The problem is, she doesn't really care for him that way.
Nkel: She loves me, but doesn't have the heart to tell him directly.
Nkel: One thing you could do is tell him that she sent you.
Nkel: That she turned him down.
Nkel: But let him down easy.
Nkel: It's really the compassionate thing to do.
Nkel: Would you do that, for all our sakes?
YOU: I will do my best to help all involved.
Nkel: Good!
Nkel: I hardly can wait to be with my Sysial!
Nkel: Please hurry!
Nkel: I will wait here.
→ Go to Nkaw
YOU: Sysial Shillor wanted me to tell you that she cannot accept your love.
Nkaw: Don't even start.
-Nkaw frowns at you and gestures irritatedly as he speaks.-
Nkaw: You don't think I've seen you talking to my brother from over here?
Nkaw: I bet he told you how great he is and that Sysial would be all his.
Nkaw: Now you want to tell me that I have no chance or some such.
Nkaw: I'll give you points for valour, but I'm no fool.
Nkaw: I won't give up that easily.
Nkaw: In fact, I'd pay you for doing something for me.
Nkaw: What say you?
YOU: I'll hear you out.
Nkaw: All right.
-Nkaw smiles insidiously.-
Nkaw: I want you to do following: I have one of Sysial's own necklaces.
Nkaw: You don't have to know how I got it.
Nkaw: You only have to go to her and give her this letter and the necklace.
Nkaw: That's all.
Nkaw: When you return with her response, I'll give you some tria.
-Nkaw gives you the necklace and the letter.-
Nkaw: Thank you.
Nkaw: You're a good person.
→ Go to Sysial Shillor
YOU: I have been instructed to bring these items to you.
-Sysial holds the necklace up and smiles broadly.-
Sysial: My necklace!
Sysial: I thought I'd lost it!
-Sysial starts to put it on, which draws her attention to the letter in her other hand.-
Sysial: Oh, this note is for me too?
-Sysial opens the letter and begins to read.-
Sysial: 'Dearest Sysial…' Oh, it is from Nkaw!
-Sysial smiles.-
Sysial: Stuff about work…
Sysial: fought with Nkel…
Sysial: What?
Sysial: Nkel stole it?!
Sysial: I have been looking everywhere for it!
Sysial: …
Sysial: Love, Your Nkaw.
-Sysial shakes her head sadly and sighs.-
Sysial: I never wanted this to happen.
Sysial: Nkaw and Nkel are very nice and I consider them both my friends, but nothing more!
Sysial: I can't believe that they are now fighting over me and that one even stole my belongings!
Sysial: It doesn't matter to me who did what.
-Sysial sighs.-
Sysial: As long as they behave like children, I can't talk to either of them.
Sysial: Couldn't you…
Sysial: Couldn't you go to them both and tell them I sent you, and then, that I don't love them?
Sysial: Please?
YOU: Brothers should not act like this towards each other, I will do my best to help.
Sysial: Thank you so much!
-Sysial smiles.-
Sysial: If you can make them realize their folly and get them to make up, I will have something for you.
Sysial: Just tell them I sent you, tell each one I don't love him, and return to tell me all is well.
Sysial: But tell Nkaw first; he at least deserves a prompt response to his letter.
→ Go to Nkaw
YOU: I have returned with tidings from Sysial.
Nkaw: And?
Nkaw: What did she say?
Nkaw: She certainly fell in love with me, didn't she?
Nkaw: I can't wait to hold her!
Nkaw: Er, why are you making that face?
Nkaw: Is something wrong?
Nkaw: Don't worry if she didn't give you a reward.
Nkaw: That is no problem…
Nkaw: or…
Nkaw: is it something else?
Nkaw: Speak, Madam, I beg of you!
YOU: Sysial regrets that she does not return your feelings.
Nkaw: WHAT?!
Nkaw: She doesn't love me?
Nkaw: Are you saying that she loves my megaras dropping of a brother?!
YOU: She does not love either of you.
Nkaw: What does that mean?
Nkaw: Surely one of us is attractive to her.
Nkaw: I mean, we are both tall, and strong, and loving…
-Nkaw pauses and shakes his head. He sighs quietly.-
Nkaw: Ah, who am I to question the ways of love?
Nkaw: 'Love is a shadow no light can brighten,' that is what father always said after mother died.
Nkaw: I thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
Nkaw: Will you carry a message from me to my brother, since I cannot leave my post?
Nkaw: Perhaps at least he and I can stop hating each other.
YOU: Of course I will.
Nkaw: Great.
Nkaw: Just tell him what you told me and let him know I apologize.
-Nkaw gives you some tria.-
Nkaw: Here is a little something for you.
→ Go to Nkel
YOU: Sysial has a message for you.
Nkel: I am certain my brother is trying to do something shady to usurp my place in her heart.
Nkel: I saw you with him over there.
Nkel: What have you come to tell me?
YOU: Sysial cannot love you.
Nkel: By the gods?
Nkel: Are you trying to say that she loves him and not me?
YOU: No, she will not give her affections to either of you.
Nkel: What do you mean?
Nkel: She must love one of us; we are handsome and brave.
Nkel: Right?
Nkel: Wait…
Nkel: no.
Nkel: I think I see.
Nkel: Yes, it makes sense: both of us are so eager to love, we confused her friendship for love, and we fought each other over her to no end.
Nkel: Pah!
Nkel: How could anyone love angry fools like us?
-Nkel frowns and looks across the chasm at his brother's watchtower for a minute before continuing in a quieter voice.-
Nkel: At least with this knowledge, maybe that can change.
Nkel: Did he apologize?
YOU: He does send his apologies.
Nkel: Good, then all is well.
Nkel: I'm glad I no longer need to be angry at my brother.
-Nkel takes circles from a pouch and gives them to you.-
Nkel: You have been very helpful to me.
Nkel: Here is a little something for you.
→ Go to Sysial Shillor
YOU: I have told both Nkaw and Nkel that you cannot return their feelings. They have agreed to stop pursuing you. What's more, they are no longer angry at one another.
Sysial: I'm so relieved that there won't be any more fighting between those two.
Sysial: They should be saving their aggression for our true enemies!
Sysial: This is excellent news; here is something for your worry.
-Sysial gives you a golden ring.-
Sysial: Thank you so much, good Madam.
Sysial: I truly do appreciate this.
Rewards: 1 Golden Ring, 12440 Tria, 28600 XP.