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Informing Jefecra
Required: Don't start this quest before doing Unlawful Undertakings for Ukabnu.
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: Ukabnu has Ceanara.
Jefecra: What!?
-Jefecra's eyes widen.-
Jefecra: She does?
Jefecra: How did you learn this?
YOU: Ukabnu told me so.
-Jefecra growls.-
Jefecra: You'd better not be telling me stories.
Jefecra: Did you find her near the road to the Eagle Bronze Doors?
YOU: nods 'I did.'
-Jefecra mutters curses under his breath in Enkien.-
Jefecra: That trepor-spawn!
Jefecra: We must try to keep any more people from being victims of those criminals.
Jefecra: If you learn more about her doings, please let me know!
Jefecra: Will you do that?
YOU: Yeah, sure I'll help.
Jefecra: I will meet with my superiors immediately, we must take action.
Jefecra: Be sure to tell me anything else you have uncovered about her gang!
YOU: I also know that Ukabnu gave Ceanara's hand to Kisatol.
Jefecra: W-what?!?
-Jefecra pales under his fur.-
Jefecra: Oh, dear Gods, please protect her.
Jefecra: Do you have any other news for me?
YOU: I know one more thing for sure.
Jefecra: Tell, me please!
YOU: Ukabnu has ordered some weapon repair kits.
Jefecra: I see!
Jefecra: Maybe she is having trouble resupplying of late.
Jefecra: Thank you for the report, my good Stonehammer.
Jefecra: We will do everything we can to stop her!
Rewards: 15 Faction with Guard, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.