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Insects in the Garden
Required: 3 Consumer Antennae.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Greetings Jardet, need help with anything today?
Jardet: You've come at the right time.
Jardet: YOU , is it?
Jardet: I need some more help.
Jardet: It would seem a peculiar insect has moved from eating the grass to a rare flower.
Jardet: I fear for the flower's survival if this continues.
Jardet: Can you help me with this issue?
YOU: I need to save the flowers immediately, what must I do?
Jardet: Thanks again.
Jardet: First I need to identify the insect.
Jardet: Take this drawing I've made of it and find an insect expert to tell you what it is, then return to me.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Would you be able to identify this insect?
Durok: Yes, I'm…
Durok: mmmm…
Durok: familiar with this.
Durok: It is a…
Durok: errr…
Durok: a barn bouncetail, not rare, but uncommon.
-Durok nods.-
Durok: It arrives from The Barn, or the second level.
Durok: Come….
Durok: mmm…
Durok: back to me if you need any more help, yes.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I discovered that the insect is a barn bouncetail.
Jardet: A barn bouncetaill you say?
Jardet: That's a start.
Jardet: Now what I require is something to repel the insects away from the flowers, but not kill them.
Jardet: These bouncetails are nature's creations too.
Jardet: I trust you'll be able to find some sort of bouncetail repellant.
Jardet: Ask around.
Jardet: Good luck.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Do you know of any natural repellent for the barn boucetail?
Durok: Err..
Durok: umm..
Durok: I wrote a book about insects, you know.
Durok: I don't remember that…
Durok: mmmm…
Durok: information…
Durok: offhand, but I know I did write it down.
Durok: I gave the book to…
Durok: errr…
Durok: Arion Fildar…
Durok: mmm….
Durok: so he could study the complexities of the Kran language.
Durok: You should speak to him.
→ Go to Arion Fildar
YOU: Do you know of any natural repellent for the barn boucetail.
Arion: Let me just consult this book on insects.
-He begins flipping pages rapidly.-
Arion: It says here that the bouncetail's natural enemy is the consumer, which eats wingless insects in addition to carrion.
Arion: If you got your hands on some consumer pheromone, that should prompt the insects to move away.
Arion: I'll wager any alchemist could help you with that.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: I am looking for consumer pheromone. Do you sell any?
Liera: Consumer pheromone?
Liera: You got it.
-Liera looks through the shelves.-
Liera: Oh dear, I'm all out.
Liera: I can extract it if you provide me with some consumer antennae, and I'll even give you some for free.
Liera: Can you do that?
YOU: I will be right back with some antennae.
Liera: Great.
Liera: Three consumer antennae should be plenty.
YOU: Here are the antennas.
Liera: Wonderful.
Liera: Now let me just get going on this.
-Liera smashes the antennae with a mortar and pestle, then sends it through a distiller, collecting some clear liquid in a jar.-
Liera: Careful with this.
Liera: It's nearly impossible to get the pheromone out of clothes if you spill it on yourself, and you'll be a walking consumer magnet.
Liera: Trust me, I know from experience.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I have just what you need to repel the barn bouncetails.
Jardet: Here goes nothing…
-Jardet pours the pheromone on the flowers.-
Jardet: It's working!
Jardet: The bouncetails are retreating to the grass!
Jardet: Thank you, YOU .
Jardet: Take these as a token of my appreciation.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.