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Introduction to Arts
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Someone told me you are a talented artist!
Yonda: Oh, you are too kind
Yonda: …
Yonda: Are you interested in arts?
YOU: Yes!.
Yonda: Great to hear!
Yonda: Art is one of the most exciting wonders of Yliakum!
Yonda: Please ask me any question you may have.
YOU: What type of artists are present in Hydlaa?
Yonda: So many I cannot even list them all, some of the most important are: musicians, painters, sculptors, potters, jewelers and gem cutters, glassblowers and plenty more.
YOU: Do artists gather into a single organization?
Yonda: Definitely!
Yonda: It's because we like getting to know each other, and some gather under the Artists Association.
Yonda: The main purpose of the association is to keep track of all arts, and to spread the knowledge of new talents.
-Yonda Axebow smiles at YOU.-
Yonda: It also provides some organization for events and gatherings to allow people to display new pieces of work.
YOU: I would like to participate!
Yonda: Ah, that's good.
Yonda: What I suggest you is to first of all is get to know some of the artists here in Hydlaa.
Yonda: One of the easiest ways is to do some small jobs for them.
YOU: Where can I find some artists?
Yonda: Just look around and ask them about themselves and their job.
Yonda: There is a group of artist which usually gather near Jayose Library, like Dhalia and Serevim Colat.
Yonda: Have fun!
Rewards: 5 Faction with Artists Association, 8000 XP.