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Introduction to Laanx
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Greetings high priest of Laanx, I would like to learn more about Laanx religion.
Sharven: Welcome to the temple of Laanx, also called the Masked God.
Sharven: I can give some more information on our religion and our methods, so you can be prepared for your next steps in our Order.
YOU: Can you tell me more about this temple.
Sharven: This temple has been built long time ago as the Xacha, my race, established themselves into Yliakum.
Sharven: Laanx appeared to the Xacha when they were lost into the Stone Labyrinths, as a gift to Laanx they build this temple.
YOU: How does the order work?
Sharven: The order is called The Iron Hand, and has its main headquarter in this temple.
Sharven: It's organized in five main groups called seats: Pryam, Noctar, Vestru, Ogam, Sempter.
Sharven: Each has a specific function inside our order and all work in harmony to serve Laanx.
YOU: Which seat I will start in if I join?
Sharven: Don't worry about this, we will watch your actions for some time and then decide what's the best seat for you.
YOU: What will be my tasks?
Sharven: At the beginning the most important task is to know the members of Iron Hand, help them perform their tasks, read every book you can find on Laanx religion, and pray.
Sharven: You can pray here in the temple whenever you want.
YOU: I'm sorry to ask about this, but what will be the benefits of being in the Iron Hand?
Sharven: The main benefit is to get closer to Laanx, and be known to him.
Sharven: Another benefit is to be part of a large organization, which can support you in case of need.
YOU: Ok, I think I have all the information I need.
Sharven: Great, if you want to continue please speak with Menlil, he is usually at the entrance of the temple.
Rewards: 5 Faction with Iron Hand, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.