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Introduction to Leatherworking
Required: 5 Rat Hides, 2 Riverling Skins.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: Can you teach me about leatherworking?
Hirenn: Ah, grrensholo, tabei!
Hirenn: So, you'd like to learn about the fine craft of leatherworking, eh?
Hirenn: I've been working with furs and skins since my father taught me this trade.
Hirenn: I will gladly teach you, but you should prove to me you know how to get the materials needed.
Hirenn: What do you say?
YOU: Of course, what do you need?
-Hirenn smiles and nods at you.-
Hirenn: Excellent!
Hirenn: Well, it all starts with the hides, skins, or furs.
Hirenn: Many of Yliakum's creatures have hides which can be used to make leather.
Hirenn: Those leather pieces can then be used to make leather armor.
Hirenn: Different animal hides yield different leather sizes.
Hirenn: Rat hides are used for small pieces; Riverling, Tefusangling, Trepor, and Velnishi hides make medium sized pieces; and your Tefusang and Ulber variations are used for large pieces.
Hirenn: So, let's start with Rats and Riverlings.
Hirenn: Please bring me five Rat hides and two Riverling skins and we'll get started.
YOU: Here, the Rat hides. It wasn't too hard.
Hirenn: Very good!
Hirenn: And the Riverling skins?
YOU: These guys were tougher, but I managed to get the skins.
Hirenn: Well done, tabei.
-Hirenn grins.-
Hirenn: I've been asking around about you.
Hirenn: I think you're quite a good worker, is that true?
YOU: Of course I am! How else would I've gotten the hides?
Hirenn: Fair enough.
Hirenn: So, let's get down to it.
Hirenn: Like any craft, leatherworking has it's tools of the trade.
Hirenn: First we prepare the hide by scraping all the fur from it.
Hirenn: For this we use a hide scraper.
-Hirenn grabs a flat looking tool with a handle and holds it up.-
Hirenn: This here is a hide scraper.
Hirenn: Around the side of my shop is a leatherworking table.
Hirenn: On it you'll find a puncher.
-Hirenn holds up his hand.-
Hirenn: But that's for another day.
Hirenn: Using the table, hold your scraper and use it to make a hide.
Hirenn: A Rat hide will make a small sized hide and a Riverling skin will make a medium sized hide.
Hirenn: Be sure to get some training with me first and go try it out.
Hirenn: Come back to me once you've made five small hides and two medium hides.
-He hands you the scraper and a book.-
Hirenn: Here you go, use this scraper and be sure to have this book on your mind as you work.
YOU: I made the small hides, but I can't seem to make medium ones.
Hirenn: Ah right.
Hirenn: If you're just starting out in your leatherworking, you wouldn't have the skill to make medium sized hides yet.
Hirenn: How silly of me.
-He puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head a bit.-
Hirenn: That's fine, just focus on small pieces for now.
Hirenn: Next you're going to tan the hides.
Hirenn: This involves two steps.
Hirenn: First you'll need some Tanning Crystal Acid.
Hirenn: This is a chemical which is placed onto the hides to treat them and make them strong and firm as well as making them a good color.
Hirenn: For a small hide, use one unit.
Hirenn: Then, once you've added the Tanning Crystal Acid using the table, you'll notice a water barrel next to it.
Hirenn: Put the treated hides in there and use it to make leather pieces.
Hirenn: I'll spot you some Tanning Crystal Acid to start.
-He hands you some small bottles.-
Hirenn: Return to me once you're done.
YOU: I made leather!
Hirenn: Fine, fine.
Hirenn: Seems you are on your way, tabei.
Hirenn: Oh, and I almost forgot.
Hirenn: There is one more tool you can use.
Hirenn: It's a Leather Cutter as it's known.
Hirenn: You can make a small piece of leather directly, or cut a medium piece into smaller pieces.
Hirenn: Same for cutting a large piece into medium pieces.
Hirenn: You can also cut a small piece into leather patches - one small piece makes three patches.
Hirenn: And you can cut those even further into strings - one patch can be used to make three strings.
Hirenn: All of these things have use in making armor.
-He smirks.-
Hirenn: But I'm not going to just give you everything.
-He clears his throat.-
Hirenn: I do, however, have some good Leather Cutters for sale.
YOU: So what do I do with all this leather?
Hirenn: Ah, that would be the next step, wouldn't it?
Hirenn: You can use these leather pieces to make leather armor like gloves, boots, torso armor, and so on.
Hirenn: But that is armor making skill.
Hirenn: For now, get proficient in leatherworking, that's where it all starts.
Hirenn: Fifteen lessons or so should teach you enough to make medium leather pieces.
Hirenn: My good friends in Hydlaa, the Grotemeys, are worthy of a visit as well.
Hirenn: Jeyarp can teach you the fine art of making armor with leather.
Hirenn: My table here is always available for some leather or armor work when you are in town.
Rewards: 1 Hide Scraper, 12 Tanning Crystal Acids, 1 Basic Leathermaking, 10 Faction with Crafting Association, 9400 XP.