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Introduction to Special Metals
Required: Quest Learning Shield Working with Trasok completed, one Buckler.
→ ’ to Trasok
YOU: Is there anything more you can teach me?
NPC: I still have to see one shield made by you, my friend.
NPC: There is no learning without practice!
NPC: Have you made one shield already?
YOU: Yes, making shields isn’t too hard.
NPC: Good then give me one Buckler or one Small Shield made by you, so I can check it's quality.
YOU: Here is a Buckler I made!
NPC: I knew you were a good student!
NPC: Let me check it…
NPC: oh yes, looks good, you have to learn a bit more how to properly hammer, but that just comes with practice and training, you have plenty of time for that.
NPC: Good job.
YOU: Shields are quite complex for gathering all the parts, but I made it. This should show you I'm worth going even further!
NPC: You seem ambitious, and there is surely more I can teach you.
NPC: I can say that you just started.
- Trasok laughs -
NPC: I've doing this job since years and I have never stop learning.
- Trasok pauses and looks deeply into your eyes. -
YOU: Seems you are concerned about something. I tell you, I will not steal your customers, I will sell my own goods quite far from here, I assure you. After all this time you should trust me now.
NPC: Ok, I think I can trust you enough by now.
NPC: I will tell you a bit more, and show you the way.
YOU: Thanks, I'm listening.
NPC: Listen carefully.
NPC: The metals as you know them today are ingredients to greater metals.
NPC: The steel made of iron and coal is just the beginning in creating very special alloys.
NPC: We have researched for years on how to make special metals by combining the ones we know of.
NPC: And we actually succeeded.
NPC: There is one person who is an expert of special metals, Gardr Keck, in Gugrontid, the kran city.
NPC: Kra is a master of special metals and surely the best person to learn from.
NPC: Tell kra I sent you, and tell kra I decided we need more special weapons to face the invasions; kra will understand and help you.
Reward: 7310 tria, 15000 xp, faction Smith Association+30