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Introduction to Special Metals
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: What other kinds of metals can be used to craft things?
Trasok: Ah, that's a good question.
Trasok: I take it you are familiar with making steel now?
Trasok: Yes, of course.
Trasok: Easy stuff.
Trasok: If you are interested in knowing more, I can teach you.
Trasok: However, I'm a business man, you know.
Trasok: You might end up being a competitor.
Trasok: Give me 50 tria and we'll continue with a nice little lesson in special metals, yes?
YOU: Sure, I guess it's worth it.
Trasok: Good, hand it over and we'll begin.
→ Give Trasok Starhammer 50 Tria
YOU: [You give Trasok 50 tria.]
Trasok: We'll start with a very simple test of your knowledge.
Trasok: Sticking with steel, what two minerals is steel made from?
[INFO]: You have to enter the words "Iron Coal".
YOU: Iron Coal
Trasok: I knew you were a good student!
Trasok: The combination is known as an alloy.
Trasok: The metals as you know them today can be used as ingredients to greater metals.
Trasok: The steel made of iron and coal is just the beginning in creating very special alloys.
Trasok: We have researched for years on how to make special metals by combining the ones we know of.
Trasok: And we have made much progress.
Trasok: Have you spoken with that Nolthrir girl in the Hydlaa winch area?
YOU: Oh, I've been meaning to do that.
Trasok: The lass contacted me about alloys but never followed up.
Trasok: It peaked my curiosity.
Trasok: Perhaps it's worth looking into.
Trasok: After that, for the next phase of your lesson, I'm going to send you to an expert in the field.
Trasok: Gardr Keck is the smithy in the Kran city of Gugrontid.
Trasok: Tell kra I sent you and ask about special metals.
Trasok: Kra does not easily trust so tell kra we need special weapons to face the invasions.
Trasok: That should get kras attention.
Rewards: 30 Faction with Smith Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.