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Introduction to The Food Association
Required: 12 Night Mushrooms.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: A friend sent me to you to learn more about food services here in town. Do you mind if I ask you about it?
Jomed: Hi, and nice to meet ye!
Jomed: Ye came to the right place, this is the hearth of Hydlaa and the best place to get information about the food association in town.
Jomed: I'm Jomed, the cook here at Kada-El's tavern.
Jomed: I am passionate about my work and am always open to discuss it.
YOU: Ok, great. You spoke about an association, is that like a guild?
Jomed: Yes, kind of.
-He reaches for a jar and smells it-
Jomed: Let's say that is very common in Hydlaa to help the people who are doing the same kind of job as you.
Jomed: It's not a very formal guild, but pretty much all members of the same field know each other.
Jomed: The same goes for other arts.
Jomed: Anyway if you want to know more just let me know.
YOU: Please tell me more about it.
Jomed: The are a lot of beautiful professions!
Jomed: Have you ever dreamed of working in a brewery and selecting the finest ingredients to create different beverages every month?
Jomed: Or to fish in rivers and lakes of the land by becoming an expert fisher?
Jomed: Or maybe work with Mother Nature herself, and be a farmer?
Jomed: I have plenty of friends who are butchers as well, but surely the best friend to have is a bartender!
-Jomed laughs.-
YOU: Well, I thought cook was the best one. [You smile.]
Jomed: Eh, surely it is, because it's the one where ye can really combine all the ingredients, it's not exactly like being an alchemist, but pretty close!
Jomed: With the difference, I try not to make anything explode.
-Jomed smiles.-
YOU: Should I choose one job and focus on it?
Jomed: Eh, is not that easy!
Jomed: Ye cannot just start in one job without knowing who can help ye.
Jomed: If ye really want to get started I suggest ye to do a small job for me first, and then come to know some of the other people in town.
Jomed: The more ye help our association, the more opportunities ye will have to get into yer own business in it.
YOU: Depends, what do you need?
Jomed: Well, I got just the thing for ye, if you've got two sturdy legs and a good eye.
Jomed: Bring me a dozen night mushrooms, and I'll give you a dozen coins, how's that sound?
Jomed: Will ye do it?
YOU: Yes, I will do it.
Jomed: Ah good!
Jomed: A place to look for 'em is out by that magic-fellow's place in the forest.
Jomed: Try not to get the really old ones, they'll not be of much use.
Jomed: To reach that place ye should exit from the northern exit of the city, and then turn right in the forest.
Jomed: Keep yer eyes open, ye might even find some along the way.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I got all the mushrooms you need.
Jomed: Thank ye.
-Jomed sets the mushrooms on a table and sorts through them. He weeds out a pair that are a bit past their prime and tosses them in to a barrel half-filled with other food scraps. He puts the remaining good mushrooms into a sack.-
Jomed: Maybe I could ask ye to do a little favor for me?
Jomed: This bag of mushrooms, they are for Sharven over to the temple.
Jomed: I was goin' to run them over meself, but them downstairs have got me tied to the grill now and I ain't goin' to make it over to the temple any time soon.
Jomed: Oops, can't let those burn!
-Jomed turns quickly to the grill and tends to some cooking meat, calling 'will ye do it for me?' over his shoulder.-
YOU: Yes, I will.
Jomed: Ah, good.
Jomed: Very kind of ye.
Jomed: Just tell him I sent ye, and give him the sack.
Jomed: Should be easy, long as he's not busy.
-Jomed wipes his hands on a rag and picks up the sack to tie it closed. He gives it to you.-
Jomed: Come back to see me after and I'll give ye your coins.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Jomed Parcen sent me.
Sharven: Ah, yes, a good man, Jomed.
Sharven: I hope it's about those night mushrooms.
YOU: Yes it is, these are for you.
Sharven: Oh?
-Sharven opens the sack and looks inside. He smiles.-
Sharven: Ah, excellent.
Sharven: We have been needing these for prayer rituals.
Sharven: Please tell Jomed that I said thank you, and give him this.
-Sharven gives you a small aromatic candle.-
Sharven: May Laanx frighten the shadow from your path.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: Sharven says thank you.
Jomed: Ah, ye're back.
Jomed: That's good.
Jomed: I expect he gave ye somethin' in return to bring me, did he not?
YOU: Yes, he did.
Jomed: Good.
Jomed: Let's have it here, if ye please.
-Jomed holds out his hand.-
YOU: Here's the candle.
Jomed: Ah, that's it indeed.
-Jomed lifts the candle to his nose and breathes in deeply.-
Jomed: Mmm.
Jomed: That's Landas!
Jomed: Hard to find any Landas mushrooms hereabouts.
Jomed: Not like the night mushrooms, but I guess with the grace of the gods, it all works out, eh?
-Jomed places the candle on a shelf and takes a few coins out of a box under the counter. He pauses and then sets a wooden spoon by the coins.-
Jomed: There.
Jomed: I ended up with more of them spoons than I was needin', so go ahead and take it wi' those coins, it's all for helping me with this.
Jomed: Oh, I remember Allelia was in need of something, can you please check with her if you haven't already?.
Rewards: 1 Wooden Spoon, 5 Faction with Food Association, 1297 Tria, 8000 XP.