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Introduction to Xiosia
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I have a friend which is telling me you are the best person to learn about Xiosia.
Jardet: Xiosia is indeed the bringer of joy to my hearth!
Jardet: She's the Goddess of nature.
YOU: I would like to understand this better.
Jardet: Xiosia is a nurturing mother which gives life to everything we see.
YOU: How are the religion followers organized?
Jardet: The worshipers of Xiosia are organized under the name of Seeds of Wildwood.
Jardet: Their place is in nature and promoting harmony in Yliakum.
Jardet: Festivals related to the harvest, and preparations for the natural events of the year are often heralded by the Seeds of Wildwood.
Jardet: They organize themselves in groves and parks.
YOU: What are the main beliefs of the followers?
Jardet: Xiosia's followers are for the most part, peaceful, productive and creative, particularly in regards to growing and living in harmony with the natural world around them.
Jardet: They are known for their love of nature and all it's varied creatures.
Jardet: They tend to be fatalistic, knowing death is a part of the natural cycle.
Jardet: Despoiling of nature is considered blasphemous and Xiosia's wrath can be mighty.
Jardet: All followers of Xiosia will turn on any person or persons who commit such acts.
YOU: Is there a temple of Xiosia I can go visit?
Jardet: Xiosia's followers build no temples and prefer to worship in groves and gardens specially prepared and sacred to Xiosia.
Jardet: There are places in many large towns that are devoted completely to nature such as this Secret Garden here in Hydlaa.
Jardet: They also worship in Sacred Groves, planted in the wilderness.
YOU: How can I become a follower?
Jardet: I suggest you to start living closer to nature, and enjoying the beauty of Xiosia's creations.
Jardet: Also you could start helping me with some of my tasks.
YOU: Do you have any tasks for me?
Jardet: I remember Taulim Wilaal or Ervin Fromaad needed something, but I forgot exactly, can you please reach for them and check?
YOU: I will.
Jardet: Thanks.
Rewards: 5 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 8000 XP.