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Inviting Talent
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Hello, I'm looking for a job.
Gurgus: Hmmm…You seek a job from me?
Gurgus: Fine, fine, but what shall I ask of you?
-Gurgus seems very thoughtful for some time and then continues.-
Gurgus: Ah-ha!
Gurgus: I might have just the thing.
-Gurgus reaches into a smallish purse and draws out a small folded parchment.-
Gurgus: Yes, yes, I have been needing to deliver this to someone quite urgently but cannot leave my post.
Gurgus: Will you run this errand for me, in exchange for a little something for your trouble?
YOU: Yes I can do the errand for you.
Gurgus: Wonderful and thank you!
-Gurgus hands you the folded parchment.-
Gurgus: I need you to find Tyrus Beaut, a local bard of some repute…
-Gurgus seems to give a small, private smile.-
Gurgus: Eh?
Gurgus: Oh, I am sorry.
Gurgus: I seem to have lost myself for a moment.
Gurgus: Anyway, please deliver this to Tyrus.
Gurgus: I am not certain where kra might be, but I would look here in town first.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Hello! I'm here to deliver this invitation to you.
Tyrus: The Light and I are pleased to see you!
Tyrus: Come to see how Tyrus be?
-Tyrus looks down at the parchment in a large hand.-
Tyrus: Who has need of me?
YOU: Gurgus Dahnik.
-Tyrus opens the letter and reads, frowning a bit.-
Tyrus: Dear me, but what is this?
Tyrus: An invitation to perform?
Tyrus: How wonderful, were it not three days hence.
-Tyrus looks at you with some concern.-
Tyrus: If our illustrious Vigesimi calls, Tyrus will answer.
Tyrus: But alas and alack, I am fully booked in the tavern all week; and my new harp has not yet arrived.
Tyrus: Will you go to Gulm's shop and retrieve this for me while I go to speak with the inn-keeper?
YOU: Yes, I’ll go and get it now.
Tyrus: What a delightful little Kran you are, and generous indeed!
Tyrus: One day I expect to be writing songs of your deeds…
Tyrus: What was I saying?
Tyrus: Ah yes, my new harp!
Tyrus: Yes, please fetch this for me while I cajole a certain inn-keeper.
Tyrus: Hurry along now, I haven't much time at all.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: I'm here to collect Tyrus' new harp.
Gulm: Very good; yes I have it right here somewhere.
Gulm: Give me a moment.
-Gulm scurries about the slightly cluttered shop, shifting and moving things about and muttering to kraself.-
Gulm: Yes, here it is!
Gulm: Fine piece of work it is, too.
-Gulm hands you the harp very carefully.-
Gulm: Give this to Tyrus with my thanks.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Here is your new harp.
Tyrus: Oh my, my, my!
Tyrus: Is this not a lovely piece of art in itself!?
-Tyrus strums the harp, adjusts the pitch of a few strings and then plucks out a quick fragment of melody, ever so pleased by the perfect ringing tones of each note and chord.-
Tyrus: Yes, this is simply divine!
Tyrus: Thank you so -very- much.
-Tyrus runs a large hand along the steel frame, caressing the instrument with an obvious affection.-
Tyrus: Here, take this as a simple token of my infinite gratitude, dear diaboli; return to that lovely Gemma Gurgus and tell kra I would be honoured to play.
-Tyrus gives you some coins.-
Tyrus: Thank you again and may you enjoy this blessed day.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Tyrus has agreed to perform.
Gurgus: Wonderful news!
Gurgus: I will tell the Vigesimi at once.
Gurgus: But first there is a matter of paying for your time.
Gurgus: Please accept this on behalf of myself and the Vigesimi.
Rewards: 30 Faction with Artists Association, 8607 Tria, 15000 XP.