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Items Can Break a Friendship
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Nevis Revori
YOU: Hello! I am looking for an epic quest to bring excitement to my day!
Nevis: Ah, quests!
Nevis: The last time I was on a quest I had a very bad surprise…
Nevis: so I will not get myself into anything like that any time soon!
Nevis: I leave those kinds of things to other people!
YOU: Oh! Do tell about this surprise…
Nevis: Eh, it's a bit personal, but since you ask I will tell you.
Nevis: I was travelling in the Stone Labyrinth with an EX-friend and we were assaulted by a big pack of Trepors.
Nevis: We managed to defeat them all and we reached a place we had never seen before, just a bit further on past the Trepors' lair.
Nevis: The place was a sort of outpost for adventurers, but it seems that fate was not good for the last ones there: they were all dead.
Nevis: We searched their bodies and we found a number of items.
Nevis: We decided to keep only the magical ones: a dagger and a pair of bracers.
Nevis: But then I think my EX-friend tricked me.
YOU: How cruel! How did this ex-friend trick you?
Nevis: The fact is that I used a scroll made by him to identify the items, and just those two were magical.
Nevis: After we exited from the caves, he decided to keep the dagger and leave me the bracers.
Nevis: But the bracers aren't magical any more!
Nevis: It's evident that the scroll he gave me was faked in some way, so he could keep the only magical item for himself, leaving me with a normal pair of bracers.
Nevis: I'm very angry with him for doing such a thing, and I will never speak with him again.
Nevis: If you really want to know more, his name is Moren.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: You're Moren right? Nevis told me some interesting things about you.
Moren: Mmm…you know that old story?
Moren: Looks like that worthless reprobate continues to spread slanderous rumors about me to the whole city!
Moren: I think we are speaking of the same person…
Moren: Nevis Revori, right?
YOU: Yes, it was Nevis Revori.
Moren: Right, that reprobate tricked me!
Moren: We were exploring the caves and we found a few nice items.
Moren: We decided to only keep the magic ones, so I provided the needed scroll.
Moren: I paid for it and all!
Moren: Anyhow, Nevis cast the spell.
Moren: The liar told me that both items were magical, so I picked the dagger, the most interesting item to me.
Moren: At home I identified the item again to learn more about it, and the result was a simple dagger with no magical properties!
Moren: He lied to me, so I will never speak with him again!
Moren: His bracers are magical!
YOU: You are mistaken; the bracers are not magical either.
Moren: What?
-Moren listens as you explain.-
Moren: That sounds very strange; he is most probably lying again!
Moren: But I can't live with this burden: he was my best friend.
Moren: Let's do it this way.
Moren: I will give you the dagger and you will try to learn more about it.
-Moren hands you the dagger.-
Moren: Take this and bring me some news.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Excuse me, I have this dagger I need identified.
-Levrus takes the dagger and looks it over.-
Levrus: Give me a few minutes.
-Levrus casts a spell over the dagger and examines it carefully.-
Levrus: That's quite interesting.
Levrus: There is no active magic on the item, but there is some dormant magic in a state of potential magical energy.
Levrus: My best guess is that there is another item needed to trigger the energy.
Levrus: If you find it, please bring it to me.
Levrus: For now I will keep this item to study it more.
→ Go to Nevis Revori
YOU: Nevis, I need you to give me the bracers.
Nevis: Hey, why do you need my bracers?
Nevis: I suppose they aren't worth anything anyway, and they just remind me of that bad day.
Nevis: Keep them.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: These bracers may be what you are looking for, they were found together.
Levrus: You think that these bracers might help us with the dagger because they were found together?
Levrus: Sounds logical.
Levrus: I will investigate.
-Levrus casts a spell over the bracers and examines both items.-
Levrus: Oh Yes!
Levrus: There's a big difference now that the two items are together.
Levrus: It seems that one item is triggering the magic of the other, so when they are separated, the two items do not have any magical effect!
Levrus: Here is your mystery unveiled.
-Levrus hands both items back.-
→ Go to Nevis Revori
YOU: Both items must be together for their magics to activate.
-Nevis listens to the story you learned from Levrus, opening his eyes with surprise.-
Nevis: Oh, what a relief!
Nevis: So he was not lying!
Nevis: I'm very happy with this discovery.
Nevis: How stupid I was to think he lied.
Nevis: Thanks a lot for the effort!
Nevis: Please give me back the bracers.
YOU: Of course, here are your bracers.
Nevis: Thanks.
Nevis: Take this as a reward.
Nevis: I'm very happy now.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: Both items must be together for their magics to activate.
-Moren listens to the story you learned from Levrus, thrilled about the discovery-
Moren: Incredible!
Moren: That's why the items seemed normal after we split them up!
Moren: Thanks a lot for finding this out.
Moren: I can finally speak to my old friend again.
Moren: Can you please give me back the dagger?
YOU: I couldn't keep it, not with it meaning so much to you. Here you go.
Moren: Thanks.
Moren: I still can't believe I didn't speak to Nevis for all this time over this problem.
Moren: I have a special item for you as a reward.
-Moren takes out a glyph from his small glyph sack and hands it over-
Rewards: 1 Might glyph, 3391 Tria, 20200 XP.