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Jashoky Needs Seeds
Required: 1 Jar of Corium Seed.
[INFO]: You can purchase the Jar of Corium Seed from Grok.
→ Go to Jashoky Dakarn
YOU: Is there something I can do?
-Jashoky turns a jar upside down and shakes it.-
Jashoky: Aghh, no more seeds.
-Jashoky looks at you.-
Jashoky: Hmmm, greetings.
Jashoky: Did I hear aright, are you looking for a job?
YOU: Yes, I want to help.
-Jashoky smiles broadly.-
Jashoky: That's just grand!
-Jashoky looks at the jar then back at you.-
Jashoky: I've done run out of Corium seeds.
-Jashoky lifts the jar slightly, as if showing how empty it is.-
Jashoky: Would you be so kind as to find me another jar?
-Jashoky removes a bag from her apron and shakes it in front of you. The sound of coins hitting one another resounds from the bag.-
Jashoky: I can for sure pay you for 'em.
YOU: Yes, any ideas where I can start.
-Jashoky bobs her head with happiness and returns the bag to her apron.-
Jashoky: That just about makes my day, Sir.
Jashoky: I believe there's a merchant in the wilds that sells them.
Jashoky: If I remember rightly, kra is usually close to Hydlaa.
YOU: Can you tell me more about this merchant?
-Jashoky looks up at the dome a moment.-
Jashoky: Grok…
Jashoky: I think kra said.
Jashoky: I'm sure you can find kra.
Jashoky: It ain't like the road to Hydlaa is full up with kran merchants or somethin'.
-Jashoky smiles happily.-
YOU: I have the seeds.
-Jashoky takes the jar and opens it up, picking out one seed and inspecting it. After some time she returns the seed to the jar.-
Jashoky: Mighty kind of you, Stonehammer.
Jashoky: These are for the seeds and your time.
-Jashoky removes a few coins from the bag.-
Jashoky: If you ever pass by again, please feel free to come 'round.
Jashoky: I might need your help again.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.