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Jecascis wants a Ruby
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Jecascis Airiskel
YOU: Hail! Any unfinished business I can assist you with?
Jecascis: Sure.
Jecascis: Would you mind doing something for me?
Jecascis: I'd do it myself but I'm on duty.
Jecascis: What say you?
YOU: Sure, that's why I am here.
Jecascis: Oh, great.
Jecascis: I'm looking to understand the Red Way better so I can improve my skills for the Arena.
Jecascis: I know that the Red Way practitioners uses ruby crystals as a focus, so if you don't mind finding me one?
Jecascis: I'm not sure where you can get them, though; that'll be your assignment.
Jecascis: Good luck!
YOU: I found a ruby crystal for you.
Jecascis: You…this…but how?
Jecascis: I've been looking hither and yon for one of these without success.
Jecascis: I was expecting you to return empty-handed.
Jecascis: Thank you ever so much!
Jecascis: Have some of my spoils from the Arena floor.
Jecascis: I was going to sell them once I got off duty, but you can have them.
Rewards: 1 Trepor Heart, 16400 XP.