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Jirosh's Stolen Statue
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: is there anything else you need me to do?
Jirosh: I like a person who does fast work.
Jirosh: I might have another job for you.
Jirosh: Interested?
YOU: Yes, what do you need me to do?
Jirosh: Good, good.
Jirosh: I have a client that deals in rare artifacts.
Jirosh: The right merchant is here, but leaving soon, so I need this crate to be delivered to Hydlaa quickly.
Jirosh: My client has already been waiting a good week.
Jirosh: Just let me check its padding and…
-Jirosh opens the crate.-
Jirosh: …What's this?!?
Jirosh: This isn't the statue!
Jirosh: Someone took the statue and filled the crate with apples instead!
Jirosh: Arg!
Jirosh: What do I do now?
-Jirosh looks crestfallen.-
Jirosh: That statue was already paid for; if I fail to deliver, she'll never buy through me again.
Jirosh: Yet I can't leave now and risk something else being stolen.
Jirosh: Maybe you can help me.
Jirosh: You look smart.
Jirosh: How would you like to try and find it?
Jirosh: If you catch the thief and recover the statue, I'll pay you a fair fee in good coin.
Jirosh: How about it?
YOU: Yes, I love a challenge.
Jirosh: Thanks so much.
Jirosh: I found this in the bottom of the crate.
Jirosh: Not much of a clue, but…here, what do you think?
Jirosh: Maybe you should show this around the warehouse and see what they say.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: What do you know about this cloth.
Merrinez: How did you get this?
Merrinez: This is a cloth for polishing the bronze on a ship.
Merrinez: And this 'Y', I remember who had this.
Merrinez: He was a good sailor; he and his friend had a drink with me a night ago when I managed to get a break from the foreman.
Merrinez: Are you looking for them?
YOU: Yes, where can I find the sailor?
Merrinez: Shame then, as you know we have no ships here!
Merrinez: The nearest lake is still very far from here.
Merrinez: The sailor was visiting from the sixth level; doubt you'll find him here anymore.
Merrinez: His friend I didn't know, he had a heavy cloak on, said the night was chilly.
Merrinez: Never did mark his race in the light, but he wasn't short enough to be a dwarf.
Merrinez: Do you want to hear more about this person?
YOU: Yes, what can you tell me?
Merrinez: We talked for a bit about the deliveries coming up, mostly talking about the strange things Jirosh ships from time to time.
Merrinez: Then I had to get back to work.
Merrinez: Haven't seen the cloaked fellow since then.
Merrinez: He said again the night was chilly, so I told him that if he was cold, I had some ale to warm him up.
Merrinez: But he wouldn't take it, had some nasty stuff of his own.
Merrinez: The mug was ruined afterwards.
Merrinez: Here, you can take it if you want, it's worthless for anything now.
Merrinez: Whatever he added into the mug tainted it.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: What can you tell me about this mug?
Brado: Where in the bowels of the Death Realm did you get this mug?
Brado: Ug, the stench curls my whiskers.
Brado: There's no mistaking that brew.
Brado: It's called a Twisted Emerald.
Brado: There are very few who drink it, so I don't serve it at this tavern.
Brado: You'll have to find it elsewhere maybe another bar.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: What can you tell me about this mug?
Jomed: A refill?
Jomed: No?
Jomed: I'm glad to hear that.
Jomed: I hate serving the stuff, but there are some shady folk around who like it enough.
Jomed: Not any Lemurs or Elves, since they can't hold it: seems it burns their stomach lining.
Jomed: There's this one guy, though, who buys it by the lot.
Jomed: Never got a good look at him; he hides in a huge cloak.
Jomed: But the boss said that they pay well for us to serve it up, so I do.
-Jomed ponders a bit.-
Jomed: Want to hear more?
YOU: Yes, where can I find them?
Jomed: 'Fraid I can't tell you much more, except that I noticed that he has some kind of protective pendant around his neck.
Jomed: What I noticed is that the pendant was made of a green gem, and had a red eye engraved on it.
Jomed: Don't deal in that sort of religious stuff, myself; the gods don't seem to care about me, so why should I care about them?
Jomed: You could try asking about the pendant around the temple, though; couldn't hurt.
Jomed: Take the mug back; who knows when it'll come in handy.
Jomed: Oh, one more thing, I think i overheard his name, it was “Smear.” or something like that.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: I need to know something more about pendants.
Sharven: What about pendants?
Sharven: Many people make them; go seek them out.
Sharven: Don't waste my time with such foolish questions.
Sharven: I see many people.
Sharven: What interest does this being have for you?
YOU: It was worn by a thief that robbed Jirosh.
Sharven: Ah, did he now?
Sharven: Well, that lends tribute to some god's ear, but why do you think I know anything of him?
Sharven: I sell lots of pendants to people, they seek protection against the ills of their trade.
Sharven: Do you have any details on the pendant?
Sharven: Like what color and material it was made of?
YOU: green gem
Sharven: Those are quite rare; usually we make pendants out of metal.
Sharven: Did it have an engraving?
Sharven: If so, of what?
YOU: red eye
Sharven: Oh, him!
Sharven: I remember pretty well.
Sharven: Normally I would not reveal anything about any members of my flock, but his manner towards me was decidedly unbecoming a worshiper of Laanx.
Sharven: And, as you say, he is a suspect in a thievery.
-Sharven hesitates, then continues.-
Sharven: He never revealed his face to me: he wore a heavy cloak, but his manner did not strike me as Enkidukai.
Sharven: He is a thief by trade, as I assume you are aware, and he doesn't live here in the temple area.
Sharven: The only thing I noticed was that he was very fond of daggers and small blades.
Sharven: My eyes have not beheld him for many weeks, but you might seek out and ask a trainer in such arts; maybe he has inquired about it.
-Sharven thinks a while, then continues speaking.-
Sharven: The good news for you is that I have made two of those pendants, I can give the other to you for a small sum.
Sharven: Give me 500 trias and it will be yours.
YOU: Here's the payment.
Sharven: Here it is.
Sharven: I gave one to the cloaked heathen.
Sharven: It might convince his trainer that you work together.
Sharven: Otherwise, I doubt his trainer would reveal much.
Sharven: Bandits lack many morals, but usually don't squeal on each other.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: I have something for you.
Lori: Where did you get that?
Lori: I have never seen you before, yet only Onyx Dagger's rogues carry such a pendant.
Lori: Are you new to their service?
YOU: Yes, joined before the last eclipse.
Lori: Ah, must be the replacement for the guy who got thrown out of the group a little while ago.
Lori: Seems he stole something without informing the boss…and then tried to hide the booty instead of sharing.
Lori: Not a smart move.
Lori: I think my training is the only reason he's still alive.
Lori: I saw the rogue the other day in fact.
Lori: Here is your pendant back.
Lori: I wonder if he is still there…
Lori: I might be able to tell you the location…for a fee.
-Lori hands you the pendant-
Lori: Give me a few moments to myself to consider and then come back perhaps I can be persuaded to tell you his whereabouts later.
YOU: Do you have that location for me yet?
Lori: Did the Onyx Dagger decide that simply throwing him out wasn't punishment enough and send you after him?
Lori: Well, I don't rat on people without a good reason.
Lori: Information like that is just as good of a currency in the shadows as hexas, or in your case I'd say two.
-Lori shows her empty hand.-
YOU: Here's the money.
Lori: Well to be honest, I don't actually know where he is right now.
Lori: We called him Smear, but I doubt that was his real name.
Lori: He's pretty hard to miss though, even under that cloak of his.
Lori: We always trained at night, but even then I could see the fluid way he moved, like a blur of shadows.
Lori: The only other thing I remembered is that he never seemed to have any knowledge of current events, like he spent most of his time living in a hole or something.
Lori: Maybe check under the temple, I know he cannot be far.
Lori: You can probably just ask him about smear.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: So you must be Smear?
Zak: Are you a fool to approach me so brashly?
Zak: What do you want?
YOU: I want Jirosh's statue back.
Zak: You must be weary of life to accuse me of anything without proof.
Zak: If you have proof show it to me.
YOU: Here's the proof.
Zak: Ah, like it does to many, it seems that drink is to be my downfall tonight.
Zak: Yes, it was I who took that statue.
Zak: Legend stated that it brought great luck to he who held it, but the blasted thing has brought me nothing but ill will.
-Zak growls.-
Zak: See me now…I've been thrown out of my group and can't even manage to sell the thing.
Zak: No one wants it whole and I don't dare take it to a smith to be melted down.
Zak: My lot has fallen so much that I might even consider just giving it to you and be rid of it.
Zak: But the worst of my luck is that I lost my pendant.
Zak: Without it I don't dare to work and that blasted priest won't sell me another.
YOU: I have this.
Zak: What's this?
Zak: One of the Onyx Dagger's pendants?
Zak: Here, give it to me!
Zak: Salvation, fate will smile upon me again!
Zak: You can have the cursed statue!
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: I got the statue back.
Jirosh: You…found it?
Jirosh: I never believed you would actually manage to recover it.
Jirosh: My reputation is saved!
Jirosh: Here, take this, yes all of it, I don't know how to thank you enough!
Rewards: 1 Apple, 15 Faction with Enkidukai, 15 Faction with Thieves Organization, 3391 Tria, 10800 XP.