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Jirosh Shipment Inquiry
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Is there something I can help with?
Jirosh: Hmm…While I don't particularly need aid right now, it would make my work somewhat easier if you could perform a small service.
Jirosh: I'm expecting a shipment, but have yet to receive it.
Jirosh: If you could go and see if it has arrived, I'll grant you a fee for your troubles.
YOU: Sure, where do I go?
Jirosh: Thanks.
Jirosh: Here's a list of what I need.
Jirosh: Give this to Merrinez.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: I am looking for this shipment.
Merrinez: Not another inquiry into shipments.
-Merrinez reads the shipping invoice, squinting his eyes as he does so.-
Merrinez: Oh my aching head!
Merrinez: The handwriting here is simply dreadful.
Merrinez: Yes, yes, we have that crate, it just came in.
Merrinez: Take it now so I don't have to look at this scrawling any longer!
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Here is your shipment.
Jirosh: It had arrived?
Jirosh: Oh good.
Jirosh: Jellied Clacker Eyes are considered a delicacy by some of the more affluent of our citizens, not that I'd ever touch them.
Jirosh: But if they are willing to pay hordes of money for it, what do I care?
Jirosh: Here, have this with my thanks.
Rewards: 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.