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Jolik's Letter
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jolik Huevan
YOU: Anything I can help with?
Jolik: Yoo…
Jolik: octoolly wont to h'lp mo?
Jolik: My mooth 'oes not froght'n yoo?
Jolik: O…
Jolik: 'on't knoh whot to soh.
Jolik: Bofor' noh, only th' followors of thoh whosp'r accopt'd mo.
Jolik: O 'oh hove on' thong yoo cohld 'oh for mo, if you woll.
Jolik: I noh' to troh to contoct mo frond.
Jolik: O hove not sohn hor sonce O lost mo jaw.
Jolik: Plose soh yos?
Jolik: Thos jaw!
Jolik: I hot' ot.
-Jolik pulls ink and paper from his tunic and writes a shortnote, which he hands to you. -Will you try to contact someone for me?-
YOU: Yes, It is what I do.
Jolik: Thonk yoo!
Jolik: Osk in Ka'…
-Jolik shakes his head and pulls out a sealed letter and hands it to you silently.-
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: gives Allelia the letter from Jolik.
Allelia: A letter for me?
-Allelia sees the address and sighs.-
Allelia: Poor Jolik…
Allelia: He used to be such a nice person before his accident.
Allelia: He came in the tavern all the time before Jomed and I took over managing the place.
Allelia: He was good friends with Miss Kada-El.
Allelia: She went away on personal business, and he was attacked by a tefusang while protecting some travellers.
Allelia: After the beast took his jaw off, he was never the same.
-Allelia gets an angry look.-
Allelia: Some people laughed at him because of how it made him talk.
Allelia: They made me so mad I could scream.
Allelia: He thought everyone was laughing at him.
Allelia: Pretty soon he wouldn't even talk to anyone at all.
Allelia: He just vanished one day, and does not show up here anymore.
Allelia: He sends these letters once in a while, though.
Allelia: Poor man.
Allelia: Take the letter back to him, please.
Allelia: You should show the letter to Jomed first if you want to know more.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: gives Jomed the letter from Jolik.
-Jomed wipes his hands before taking the letter. He gives a grunt.-
Jomed: Jolik again, aye?
Jomed: Feller needs to get his head out o' the sewers if ya be askin' me.
Jomed: Yes, I know where he is.
Jomed: Allelia, she don't want to know, so don't be botherin' her with it.
Jomed: He used to be a jolly ol' sort to have a mug with.
Jomed: Right stand up feller.
Jomed: I called him friend once, I did, even after the monster took his jaw.
Jomed: He's no friend of mine now, sad to say.
Jomed: Somes say it was the attack that changed him.
Jomed: I says it was those other fellows that did it.
-Jomed pushes the letter back into your hands.-
Jomed: Even if he do come out of that stink hole, he's got himself a lot of answering to do 'fore folks is gunna want to look him in the eye again.
Jomed: You take that letter straight back.
Jomed: I got nothin' to say to him.
→ Go to Jolik Huevan
YOU: gives Jolik his letter back.
Jolik: Not thohr?
-Jolik looks at the ground.-
Jolik: O wosh O cohld go bock op thohr, bot th' whosp'r os mo mahst'r now.
Jolik: O know O moss'd op bod.
Jolik: O om sorroh to hove tok'n yoor tome.
Jolik: Toke thos.
Jolik: Jolik Huevan hands you a few coins.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.