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Jomed's Coalchamist Problem
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: Need a hand with anything?
-Jomed throws his hands up.-
Jomed: Right now two hands in the kitchen is enough but if ye are willing I'd like ye help with an idea I had.
YOU: What's the idea?
Jomed: I'd like to be able to feed the Kran of Hydlaa!
Jomed: I think it would bring in more business, ye know?
Jomed: The problem is ..I don't know what the Kran around here like.
Jomed: I need someone to ask around.
YOU: I can talk to the kran for you
Jomed: Fantastic!
Jomed: Try finding Ondren, Durok, and Jarop and asking them what they like.
Jomed: Allelia says they come in often but just have a drink.
→ Go to Jarop Saven
YOU: Hello, Jarop?
-Jarop gives a quick nod.-
Jarop: Guard, Jarop Saven, at your service.
YOU: Jomed wants to add Kran dishes to the menu at Kada-El's Tavern but he doesn't know what he should get. Do you have any suggestions?
-Jarop scratches kras chin.-
Jarop: Good question.
Jarop: Some of the best food is from Belcor.
Jarop: I like to have a minter's floater washed down with an ale followed with a sapphire popsicle.
-Jarop flexes an arm.-
Jarop: Keeps me strong and good for the joints.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: Hello. Did you hear Kada-El's Tavern is looking into selling some Kran dishes?
Ondren: No.
Ondren: Where did you hear that?
YOU: I talked to Jomed himself about it! He asked me to figure out what dishes they should sell. Any ideas?
Ondren: Yes.
Ondren: He simply must sell some steaks, brasser maybe with some sweet bronze sauce.
Ondren: Maybe get Allelia to sell some liquor to knock it all back with.
Ondren: These are by far the best as long as they are made properly.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Greetings Durok
-Durok mumbles a bit before closing a book and placing it back on a shelf.-
Durok: Oh …mmmm..
Durok: Hello.
YOU: Jomed sent me to find out which kran dishes you would be interested in buying if kada-El's was to offer some.
Durok: …mmmm…that reminds me…I forgot to eat my mid day meal.
Durok: Tell Jomed I recommend sommme uh…
Durok: OH!
Durok: Zincer's dish, maybe some..
Durok: uh..
Durok: green gold soup surprise.
Durok: And he must get some..
Durok: ..
Durok: golden sunrise, I hardly drink anything else.
-Durok turns back to the shelf and picks up another book.-
Durok: I'll eat there all the time if he gets these things.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I'm back with some ideas.
-Jomed looks up from whatever he's making and brushes his hands off on his legs.-
Jomed: That was quick.
Jomed: Did ye speak with our kran friends?
YOU: Yes I have.
Jomed: Good!
Jomed: Good.
Jomed: Now, tell me, what did they say?
YOU: [You tell Jomed what the Krans wanted.]
-Jomed listens to the list.-
Jomed: Ah, those all sound like…
Jomed: Interesting, dishes.
-Jomed pulls out some paper and begins writing.-
-He then stuffs the paper into an envelope.-
Jomed: I have no idea how to make food like this, I'm pretty sure Kran call this food.
-Jomed smirks as he turns to tidy a few things away.-
Jomed: I'm no alchemist but I know the Kran called Belcor in Gugrontid is the best cook-alchemist around.
Jomed: Take this letter to him for me would ye?
Jomed: I'm hoping he'll agree to deliver some of his meals to sell here.
→ Go to Belcor Krakko
YOU: What is that smell?
-Belcor raises an arm turning kras head into it.-
Belcor: I promise it's not me!
Belcor: Unless it's a good smell.
Belcor: Then it is me.
-Belcor grins.-
Belcor: It's probably just this soup I'm working on.
Belcor: Did you need something?
Belcor: What's this list for?
YOU: It's from Jomed, he needs some help with supplies so he can sell things to Krans.
-Belcor opens the letter and begins to read.-
-Kra suddenly lets out a booming laugh.-
Belcor: Oh this is gold!
Belcor: How much does Jomed think my ingredients cost?
-Belcor writes something on the back of the letter and puts it in a new envelope.-
Belcor: Take this new offer back to Jomed.
Belcor: The ingredients used to make the food he wants are not cheap and it takes time that I could be using to do other things to make food for this tavern.
Belcor: He needs to make it worthwhile.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: Belcor said to give you this offer.
Jomed: Ah, let me see.
-Jomed looks over Belcor's offer while drawing out some calculations in a pile of flour.-
Jomed: I need to think this over and run the math.
Jomed: While I do that please visit Liera in the arena and see if ye can get her to agree to heating the food once Belcor and I agree on a number and we start getting deliveries.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Jomed sent me to see if you would be willing to heat up deliveries of Kran dishes for the tavern?
Liera: So Jomed is selling Kran food now?
Liera: I swear he would marry food if he could.
-Liera turns back to slowly mixing to solutions, paying you no more notice.-
YOU: He will once he and Belcor reach an agreement.
-Liera's head drops and she sighs heavily.-
Liera: Well tell that man that I am a –real- alchemist and not a cook!
Liera: I've worked on more important things!
Liera: I've helped cure the sick and injured for gods sake!
YOU: Are you sure I can't change your mind? I bet he'd be willing to advertise your shop a bit in the tavern. It'd help your business too.
-Liera's head droops and she sighs.-
Liera: Fine.
Liera: Jomed is lucky he sent you.
Liera: Just be sure he makes his gratitude clear.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: Liera agreed to heat the kran dishes.
Jomed: Great!
-Jomed claps his hands together sending a cloud of flour into the air.-
Jomed: While ye were gone I decided to accept the offer Belcor sent, with one condition.
Jomed: Go tell kra I accept but I want a sample of each dish for the kran around town that helped decide what to order.
Jomed: I'll need you to deliver the samples so once you get them please deliver them right away.
→ Go to Belcor Krakko
YOU: Jomed accepts your offer but he wants a sample of each dish.
-Belcor runs a stony, but surprisingly smooth hand over his head.-
Belcor: Hmm…
Belcor: I suppose that is fair.
Belcor: There is going to be a food rush soon so I'll need to get the samples done quickly.
Belcor: Will you help?
YOU: Yes, I'll help.
Belcor: We'll need
-Belcor pauses for a moment.-
Belcor: Actually, you have a cook book.
Belcor: Just go and collect the ingredients for a minter's floater, a golden sunrise, and a brasser steak.
Belcor: Hurry back with them.
Belcor: Then we can get to work cooking them.
Belcor: Actually, just gather up the ingredients and make the dishes here, yourself.
Belcor: Just let me know when you are done.
YOU: Wait, my book doesn't say anything about a golden sunrise. What is that?
-Belcor had already turned back to what kra was making.-
Belcor: On the counter should a be a cook book.
-Kra points over kras shoulder in a somewhat random direction.-
-You look around and see the book.-
-Picking it up Belcor returns to cooking.-
YOU: I've made the three dishes, now what?
Belcor: Looks pretty good.
Belcor: I'll make a Coalchamist out of you yet!
Belcor: See what I did there?
YOU: what?
Belcor: I combined the word “Cook” with “Alchemist” It makes Coalchamist!
Belcor: Coal!
Belcor: Chamist!
Belcor: I don't know what a Chamist is, but, I like coal…
Belcor: You should take the items back to Hydlaa and give them to the Kran who asked for them, before they get too cold.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: This steak is for you, what do you think?
-Ondren sniffs the steak.-
Ondren: This is most excellent.
-Kra starts to eat with his fingers.-
Ondren: You can be sure that I'll be coming in for more!
Ondren: Tell Jomed I'll be coming frequently to eat.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: This is for you on behalf of Jomed.
-Durok looks up from one of his books towards you.-
Durok: It is..mmmm…
-Kra takes the drink.-
Durok: Ohhh..
Durok: a..
Durok: um…
Durok: Sunrise…exquisite.
-Kra then proceeds to drink some of the golden sunrise.-
Durok: Ahhh…
Durok: Yes, wonder-er-ful.
Durok: I'll be stopping at the Tavern more often.
Durok: Be suuure to uhhh tell Jomed.
→ Go to Jarop Saven
YOU: Here you are Jarop, what do you think?
-Jarop take the food and begins to eat it.-
Jarop: This isn't half bad.
-Jarop pause talking as he continues to eat.-
Jarop: …
-Kra says between mouthfuls.-
Jarop: Thanks…
Jarop: Tell Jomed he has done well…
Jarop: I'll certainly buy from him if he has these.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I've handed out the samples, they all loved the dishes.
Jomed: Thank ye so much for your help.
-Jomed lets out a deep sigh and smiles.-
Jomed: It is good to work with someone that is as passionate about the food business as I.
Jomed: And I can ne wait to get more Kran visiting this tavern.
Rewards: 1 Crystal's Delight for Kran, 13600 XP.