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Just Call Him Lucky
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Rolara Hammersong
YOU: You appear troubled?
Rolara: Well…
-Rolara fidgets with the drawstrings of her apron before continuing in a worried tone.-
Rolara: My husband Lucky, I mean Irnol, went out on some errands yesterday afternoon and he has not returned.
Rolara: I am very worried.
-Rolara looks at you pleadingly.-
Rolara: There is so much work to be done with the shop.
Rolara: I cannot go looking for him myself.
Rolara: Please would you find out what happened to him and if he is all right?
YOU: Yes, where was he going?
Rolara: Thank you so much.
Rolara: I know that he planned on getting some of our knives sharpened.
Rolara: As to the rest of his errands, I do not know.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Has Irnol “Lucky” Hammersong been by lately?
Harnquist: Well…
-Harnquist ponders a bit.-
Harnquist: Yes.
Harnquist: That fool Lucky was here yesterday.
Harnquist: Wanted his knives sharpened.
-Harnquist gives an indignant snort.-
Harnquist: Told him to keep away from the forge I did.
Harnquist: If you ask me, and you didn't, this smithy is too much like a cursed town hall these days.
Harnquist: People hanging about and interfering with work!
-Harnquist eyeballs the people around the smithy with disdain.-
Harnquist: He got his comeuppance alright.
Harnquist: Put his right hand right on the red hot tongs on the table.
Harnquist: Screamed his lungs out he did.
-Harnquist makes a self-satisfied smirk.-
Harnquist: I sent him over to Aleena to put a poultice on his sizzle.
Harnquist: Now the butcher knows what meat feels like.
-Harnquist laughs at his own joke.-
Harnquist: Anyway, enough chatting.
Harnquist: If you see the old codger tell him he still owes me 50 tria for the knives.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: I was told Irnol “Lucky” Hammersong came by here?
Aleena: The twit came in with a terrible burn on his right hand.
Aleena: Nothing that a good herbal poultice won't cure.
-Aleena smiles despite herself.-
Aleena: I told him he should be able to use a knife again in a week.
-Aleena giggles to herself.-
Aleena: How he ever got his nickname only Laanx knows.
Aleena: After I helped him he…You had better ask Allelia downstairs.
Aleena: I should not laugh too much at another's misfortune.
-Aleena composes herself and busies herself with some herbs.-
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: Can you tell me about Lucky's misfortune?
Allelia: I won't forget last night easily.
-Allelia looks a little bemused.-
Allelia: First Darven kept pestering the patrons to play gambling games.
-Allelia starts counting off on her fingers.-
Allelia: Then that Thorian got into a heated argument with a stranger and then Lucky sprained his ankle when he fell down the stairs.
Allelia: At least the poor man could still hobble so I fixed him a drink or two for the pain.
-Allelia pauses to take a breath.-
Allelia: But that is not the worst of it.
Allelia: Lucky drank way more than was good for him.
Allelia: He could hardly speak when he eventually staggered out.
Allelia: And then later…
-Allelia lowers her voice.-
Allelia: Later that same night he got arrested for attempted murder on the stranger.
Allelia: Can you imagine?
Allelia: Rabartus told me about the arrest this morning.
Allelia: You should ask him about it if you see him.
→ Go to Rabartus Livrandar
YOU: Can you tell me about Lucky's arrest?
Rabartus: I am not at liberty to discuss this with the public, Sir.
-Rabartus stiffens up a bit.-
Rabartus: You will have to speak to my superior officer.
-Rabartus meaningfully rolls his eyes to his left.-
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: Rolara is very concerned and sent me to investigate his dissapearance.
Jefecra: Let me see…
-Jefecra takes out a few sheets of paper and studies them for a moment.-
Jefecra: Ah.
Jefecra: Yes.
Jefecra: In the early hours of this morning guardsman Rabartus Livrandar apprehended one Irnol Hammersong for attempted murder in an alley just outside Kada-El's.
Jefecra: The suspect was holding a knife in his left hand and was covered in blood and standing over the body of the victim, as of yet unnamed.
-Jefecra flips through the pages.-
Jefecra: The suspect is currently in custody in the dungeons.
Jefecra: As of yet, we have been unable to interrogate him successfully since his tongue is swollen.
-Jefecra smiles wryly.-
Jefecra: Some allergic reaction to something he ate methinks.
Jefecra: How he ever got his nickname…
-Jefecra appears to think a moment.-
Jefecra: Since you are interested and we are so very short staffed perhaps you would be willing to assist me in this matter.
Jefecra: What do you say citizen?
YOU: Yes, I love a good investigation.
Jefecra: Excellent.
Jefecra: You are deputised for this matter.
Jefecra: I already have the statement of the arresting officer.
Jefecra: However, i need you to collect statements from the following witnesses.
-Jefecra consults his papers again.-
Jefecra: Darven Bounash, Thorian Gronk, and Allelia Symiestra.
Jefecra: The proper procedure is to ask each witness to give you a verbal statement.
Jefecra: Then give them the forms and have them write it down for you.
Jefecra: I also need you to take the knife to Vresa Nohdiir.
Jefecra: She may have some insight on the murder weapon.
Jefecra: Tell her I sent you.
Jefecra: Ask officer Livrandar to give you the knife before you go.
-Jefecra salutes.-
Jefecra: Deputy, then return to me and tell me you are done, provided you are indeed done.
-Jefecra hands you three witness forms.-
→ Go to Rabartus Livrandar
YOU: Give me the alleged murder weapon.
Rabartus: One moment.
-Rabartus rummages about his person.-
Rabartus: Ah.
Rabartus: Here it is.
Rabartus: Be careful with that.
Rabartus: It is evidence you know.
Rabartus: Return it to Jefecra when you are done with it.
→ Go to Darven Bounash
YOU: I require a verbal statement from you regarding the murder.
Darven: It was like this.
-Darven looks nervous.-
Darven: I went to the inn for a relaxing ale.
Darven: Nice enough evening for it really.
Darven: Did a bit of friendly gambling with some of the patrons.
-Darven takes a deep breath and continues quickly.-
Darven: Nothing illegal mind you, just a bit of fun between friends, you understand.
Darven: I did not cause any trouble, really.
Darven: Despite what Allelia might say.
-Darven bites his lower lip.-
Darven: I mean the only unfriendly was some dwarf from out of town and when he told me to fall off the rim I left him alone.
Darven: Had nothing further to do with him, you have to believe me.
-Darven reflexively twitches his right hand.-
Darven: I left round twelve.
Darven: The stranger, Lucky and Thorian were still inside.
Darven: That is all I can tell you.
Darven: Now let me sign the statement.
Darven: People to fleece…
Darven: I mean see.
YOU: Please complete this form.
Darven: Let me see.
-Darven writes furiously and after a little while returns the form to you.-
Darven: Hope that will clear things up.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: I require a verbal statement from you regarding what happened.
-Thorian seems agitated.-
Thorian: I came, I drank, I left.
Thorian: That's all there is to it.
Thorian: If anyone tells you any different they are lying.
Thorian: Some drunken dwarf pestered me during the course of the evening but I ignored him completely.
Thorian: I left a few minutes after Darven left.
Thorian: Last rounds anyway.
Thorian: So there!
Thorian: Now let me sign your stupid statement so this can end.
YOU: Please complete this form.
Thorian: What a waste of time!
-Thorian writes slowly. Every so often he stops to think, twirling the quill between the fingers of his left hand before continuing.-
Thorian: Now you have wasted enough of my time.
Thorian: Good day!
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: I require an official statement about what happened.
Allelia: Apart from what I told you before…
-Allelia thinks a bit.-
Allelia: The stranger struck me as odd.
-Allelia closes her eyes.-
Allelia: Only ordered water the entire evening.
Allelia: He seemed upset.
Allelia: Murder in his eyes if you will.
Allelia: Only remember him speaking when Thorian came in.
Allelia: Did not hear what he said but it seemed to upset Thorian.
Allelia: Thorian shouted at him at the top of his lungs about there being nothing wrong with the furs and then ignored him for the rest of the evening.
-Allelia wrinkles her brow.-
Allelia: Darven tried his luck with the stranger too.
Allelia: I have half a mind to bar him from the inn.
Allelia: He can be such a pest.
Allelia: Lucky just sat there the entire evening nursing his hand and his drink.
Allelia: Let's see.
Allelia: Darven left just before twelve, Thorian just after twelve and the stranger just after Thorian.
Allelia: Lucky seemed a bit woozy so I helped him outside.
Allelia: If only I had walked him home none of this would have happened.
Allelia: May I have the form please?
YOU: Please complete this form.
Allelia: This will only take a moment.
-Allelia completes and signs her form with resolute efficiency.-
Allelia: There you go.
→ Go to Vresa Nohdiir
YOU: Jefecra sent me.
Vresa: Oh fish!
-Vresa sighs.-
Vresa: Another one of his little items I suppose.
Vresa: Oh well, let me have a look.
-Vresa holds out her hand.-
YOU: Here you are the knife.
Vresa: Quite a rarity.
-Vresa studies the blade intently.-
Vresa: Trasok at his finest.
-Vresa holds the blade for you to see.-
Vresa: Note the maker's insignia just below the hilt.
Vresa: But the handle is the really interesting bit.
-Vresa swishes the blade around experimentally.-
Vresa: This is specifically designed for the left handed wielder.
Vresa: Notice the way the handle is shaped.
-Vresa makes a couple of stabs in the air.-
Vresa: But not any left handed wielder either.
Vresa: This little marvel was made for an individual.
Vresa: I will send a written report to Jefecra with a runner.
Vresa: Here is your knife.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: What do you remember about this handle.
Trasok: I remember this little item.
Trasok: One of my best I have to say.
Trasok: Let's see.
-Trasok rummages through an old box filled with all kinds of papers.-
Trasok: Ah.
Trasok: Yes.
Trasok: Here it is.
Trasok: Made this little item a few years back for Thorian Gronk.
Trasok: Goodness knows what he wanted with it.
Trasok: Does not seem the heroic type if you get my drift.
-Trasok gives a little sigh.-
Trasok: Still, his money is as good as the next fool's I suppose.
Trasok: You may keep the receipt copy if you want.
Trasok: I will lose it eventually anyway.
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: Vresa Nohdiir will send you a report about the murder weapon.
Jefecra: I received it some minutes ago.
-Jefecra draws a paper and starts looking at it.-
Jefecra: It is not as helpful as I hoped.
-Jefecra tighens her lips then puts away the report.-
Jefecra: Now, if you think to know enough about the murder weapon I have to file it.
Jefecra: But I warn you, I will not give you back the knife.
YOU: I have the three statements you asked.
Jefecra: Excellent work.
Jefecra: This is quite a lot of evidence.
Jefecra: I am sure we are near to the solution of this case.
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Here is the knife, I do not need it anymore.
Jefecra: Thank you.
YOU: So now you have the evidence as requested, maybe I could help you more.
Jefecra: Good, good.
Jefecra: Let us review then, shall we?
Jefecra: Based on what you have observed, in your opinion, do you think the accused is innocent or guilty?
YOU: Wait a second and look at this knife receipt, I took it from Trasok.
Jefecra: What is it?
-Jefecra opens her eyes wide-
Jefecra: This document explains a lot.
Jefecra: A most sterling job.
-Jefecra beams at you.-
Jefecra: Due to your efforts Lucky will be released and completely cleared.
Jefecra: We will ask Thorian Gronk to assist us further with our enquiries.
-Jefecra Harcrit looks stern.-
Jefecra: His explanation will have to be a good one.
Jefecra: I will inform Mrs Hammersong that her husband will join her presently and on behalf of the guard I thank you for preventing a possible miscarriage of justice.
Way 2:
YOU: Lucky is innocent, and a victim of “wrong place, wrong time”.
Jefecra: I concur with your opinion.
-Jefecra smiles a bit.-
Jefecra: As far as alternate suspects go, for me it's between Thorian and Darven.
Jefecra: Which of the two do you prefer?
YOU: My tria is on Thorian.
Jefecra: Well done.
Jefecra: He is the most likely.
Jefecra: But unfortunately we still lack physical evidence.
Jefecra: Thank you for all your efforts.
Jefecra: We will continue the investigation.
Jefecra: Please accept this reward.
Jefecra: I will inform Mrs. Hammersong of the news.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Guard, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP, [Way 1] 10 Faction with Stonebreaker.