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Kilas' Test of Education
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: Hello.
Kilas: Ah, my new Nolthrir friend.
Kilas: I've asked around about you, and they tell me your name is YOU.
Kilas: I'd like to see if you're as good at gaining knowledge as I am.
Kilas: Think you're up to it?
YOU: Yes.
Kilas: Very well.
Kilas: Then let the test of education commence!
Kilas: The answers to my questions can be found in books, by examining items, or talking to townsfolk.
Kilas: Question the first: What species sits down as a gesture of friendship?
Kilas: Come back to me when you know.
Kilas: The answer should be the next thing you say to me.
YOU: biorlitrosan
Kilas: That's the correct answer.
Kilas: Question the second: How many Vigesimi are there in total?
YOU: 20 vigesimi
Kilas: There are 20 Vigesimi on each level. Did you want to know about one in particular?
YOU: 160
Kilas: Good job.
Kilas: That's correct.
Kilas: Question the third: Which race is considered the first to use burial wells?
YOU: lemur
Kilas: Impressive.
Kilas: That's correct.
Kilas: Question the fourth: The Kada-El Tavern has very soft beds.
Kilas: With what are they stuffed?
YOU: sponge
Kilas: Very well done.
Kilas: You're almost there.
Kilas: This is your final question: Which town on the first level is closest to the Cups of Laanx?
YOU: sarpendil
Kilas: That's correct.
Kilas: You are truly an expert information gatherer.
Kilas: Take this - I've been working on it for some time, and you may find it of interest.
Rewards: 1 Hydlaa Housing Layout, 10 Faction with Science Association, 9400 XP.