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Kilas wants his Abacus Back
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: Is there anything I can help you with?
Kilas: You look like a Stonehammer interested in the ways of education.
Kilas: Do you think you can help me with a quick errand?
YOU: I love to learn!
Kilas: Thanks.
Kilas: I lent my abacus to Crosh Dunehammer, the guardian of the dungeons.
Kilas: However, I require it once again.
Kilas: Just tell him about the abacus or tell him I sent you.
Kilas: Return it to me and I'll reward you.
Kilas: If you don't know what an abacus is or how it works, just ask me.
Kilas: I'm not just an engineer, I'm an educator!
YOU: about abacus
Kilas: An abacus is a counting device made up of beads on wires.
Kilas: You count by moving beads from left to right.
Kilas: You count the first line by ones, then when you run out, you move them all back and move one bead on the second line.
Kilas: So if you had four beads, to count five, you'd move the first four beads in the first line - 1,2,3,4 - then move them back to the left as zero and move one bead in the second line for five.
Kilas: Number six would be moving another one in the first line because five plus one is six.
Kilas: I hope that clears things up.
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: Kilas sent me, you need to return his abacus.
Crosh: Return the abacus, you say?
Crosh: Well, alright, but I need to keep count.
Crosh: Now listen up: Each line in the abacus has seven beads.
Crosh: Every day I move a bead in the top line to the right.
Crosh: When they're all to the right, I move them all back and move a bead in the second line, which also has seven beads.
Crosh: Today, I moved back the second line and moved the first bead in the third line to the right.
Crosh: I really can't count that myself!
Crosh: Can you help me?
Crosh: How many days have I been counting?
YOU: 64
Crosh: Sixty-four?
Crosh: Why, yes, that sounds right.
Crosh: Thanks!
Crosh: I count better putting notches on my axe, anyway.
Crosh: You can take this abacus back now.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: Here is your abacus.
Kilas: Excellent work.
Kilas: Hopefully you didn't have too much trouble down there.
Kilas: The dungeons seem to test more than just the mind, and for that I apologize.
Kilas: Have something for your efforts.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Science Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.