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Kimlorm Needs a New Prayer Book
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kimlorm
YOU: Hi, do you perhaps have a task for an adventurer as myself?
Kimlorm: I am so glad you asked.
Kimlorm: I have been studying up on Talad during my down time as a guard trainee and I have run completely out of new material to read.
Kimlorm: Will you be so kind as to return this book to Murago Puntjal for me?
YOU: Not the most exciting task, but a task nonetheless, I will do it.
Kimlorm: Then you will find him somewhere near the library, usually.
Kimlorm: Just tell him I sent you and he should give you another book for me after you return the first.
Kimlorm: I will give a nice reward when you get back.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: Kimlorm sent me.
Murago: Ah, Kimlorm know doubt wants a copy of Rise of Talad Volume 2.
Murago: Did kra sent you with the first to return to me?
YOU: Yes, kra did. Here it is.
Murago: Praise Talad, and in good shape as well!
Murago: Thank you very much for treating it nicely.
Murago: Please Take this back to Kimlorm.
→ Go to Kimlorm
YOU: Murago sent me.
Kimlorm: Praise Talad!
Kimlorm: You have returned!
Kimlorm: And do you have the next book for me?
YOU: Yes, I have it. Here you go.
Kimlorm: I am so pleased.
Kimlorm: Thank you, traveller.
Kimlorm: If anyone asks about you, I will vouch for you.
Kimlorm: Here is a little something for you.
Rewards: 1 Horned Helm, 25 Faction with Conclave of the Glyphs, 13650 XP.