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Know the Crystal Way
Required: 1 Arrow glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyph back.
→ Go to Govell Mihdren
YOU: Could you tell me about the Crystal Way?
Govell: Hello Enkidukai, I am Govell Mihdren, Archmage of the Crystal Way.
Govell: Are you interested in following the path of the Crystal Way?
YOU: Yes, I am very interested.
Govell: Good, but to be able to follow the path of the Crystal Way, you must first be able to identify it in its many forms.
Govell: Levrus, the magic shop owner sells a number of glyphs from different Ways.
Govell: I want you to go to him and purchase the glyph which is of the Crystal Way.
Govell: Once you have it return to me and then we shall continue.
YOU: Here's the glyph you wanted. An Arrow glyph.
Govell: Ah yes, this is the glyph I meant, very good.
Govell: This is one of the simplest Crystal Way glyphs to use, and conversely is very flexible.
Govell: Return to me later and we shall continue.
Govell: Here is the glyph back and a small reward for doing as I asked.
Rewards: 15 Faction with Crystal Order, 2107 Tria, 9400 XP.