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Knowledge and Practical of the Azure Way Master
Required: Rank 130 Azure Way, 1 Master's Azure Way Wand, 1 Adept's Azure Way Bracers, 1 Dome glyph, 1 Humanoid glyph, 1 Mind glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Menita
YOU: Please accept my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Menita: Your progress is satisfactory.
Menita: Your knowledge has increased greatly.
Menita: To reward your dedication, I shall add to that knowledge.
Menita: Give me your Dome Glyph.
YOU: Here you go.
-Menita begins purifying it as she speaks.-
Menita: Now the Humanoid Glyph.
YOU: This one?
-Menita repeats purifying the glyph.-
Menita: Lastly, the Mind Glyph.
YOU: One Mind glyph coming up.
-Menita once again goes through the purification.-
Menita: Patience now.
-Menita looks at the three glyphs with her icy eyes until the process completes.-
Menita: Now for the combining.
Menita: The order is important.
-Menita places Dome, then Humanoid, then Mind and starts the combination ritual.-
Menita: It is finished.
Menita: Now I shall demonstrate the spell.
Menita: Observe.
-Energy surrounds Menita and she starts to change somewhat. She is still recognizable as herself, and no single feature is greatly altered, but she has become almost perfect in beauty.-
Menita: Your surprise is expected.
Menita: You will take your glyphs back now.
-Menita hands back your glyphs. Her perfect form fades.-
Menita: You will now purify your glyphs and cast the spell your self.
Menita: It grants temporary perfection in mind and body.
Menita: When complete, tell me what the spell wishes itself to be called.
YOU: dome of perfection
Menita: The Azure Way has many of these combination spells.
Menita: Only the truly skilled and brazen will discover these greater spells if not taught.
Menita: One's knowledge must be great, and one must discover the order of the combination.
Menita: Even then, they may not reveal themselves the first few times.
-Menita eyes show a hint of sadness, the first emotion you have ever seen touch her.-
Menita: That is a lesson I learned in my youth, taught by one of the greatest Way mages to ever exist.
Menita: Even though he was a Blue Way Archmaster, he rivaled Archmasters other Ways, almost surpassing them in their own Way.
Menita: No other I have known has been able to duplicate such skill in all Ways.
Menita: He did pay for it, in the end.
Menita: It is not something to be discussed now.
Menita: Do not ask.
Menita: You, as many other before, are following the Azure Way.
Menita: So answer me, have you ever meditated on your motivations?
YOU: Yes, mistress Menita.
-Menita stays silent for some seconds, her gaze points in your eyes.-
Menita: Every desire, every dream, every ambition.
Menita: They all born in minds.
Menita: And now.
Menita: Tell me.
Menita: What does lead your mind?
YOU: me
Menita: Simple, is it?
Menita: Or maybe it's one of the toughest concept you'll ever face.
Menita: Or both.
Menita: But for now on, if you want to became a real master in the Azure Way, you need to remember this lesson.
-Menita holds out her hand.-
Menita: Your bracers please.
YOU: Sure, here they are.
Menita: YOU, it is time to finalize your skills in the Azure Way.
-Menita silently hands you another set of bracers, then studies you for a few moments.-
Menita: Only once you reach your limit I will accept your wand and give you your final test.
Menita: It shall not be as easy this time.
Menita: I mentioned in the past that you should mingle with practitioners of the two Ways that support your own.
Menita: You will also bring me one Master's Set of Bracers from each of those two Ways, and give all three to me all at once.
Menita: This will prove you have gained respect and support from the Circles that support your own.
Menita: I will accept no less.
Rewards: 1 Master's Azure Way Bracers, 30 Faction with Azure Order, 15000 XP.