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Knowledge and Practical of the Brown Way Master
Required: Rank 130 Brown Way, 1 Master's Brown Way Wand, 1 Adept's Brown Way Bracers, 1 Tree glyph, 1 Creature glyph, 1 Wall glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: My wand, Master Mulgik.
Mulgik: Your increased skill brings me great joy, YOU.
Mulgik: The Brown Way and natural order are most wondrous things, are they not?
Mulgik: To feel their power flow through you is to be closer to Xiosia.
-Mulgik grins widely.-
Mulgik: Of course, you do not have to follower Her ways to enjoy the power that comes from Her realm.
Mulgik: But, your continued striving does bring me pride in any case, and the knowledge growing inside you pays homage to Xiosia.
Mulgik: To reward your dedication, I shall add to that knowledge.
Mulgik: Give me your Tree Glyph.
YOU: Tree, ah, here it is.
-Mulgik begins purifying it as kra speaks.-
Mulgik: Ah…
Mulgik: Tree.
Mulgik: This glyph is the source of plant life in the Brown Way.
Mulgik: It is growth itself, and its roots are deep.
Mulgik: Now give me your Creature Glyph so I may continue.
YOU: Here you are Archmage.
-Mulgik repeats the purifying on the glyph.-
Mulgik: Lastly, the Wall Glyph.
YOU: I come prepared, here is my Wall glyph.
-Mulgik takes your glyph.-
Mulgik: I will use this one then.
-Mulgik looks at the three glyphs with kra's earthy eyes until the process is complete.-
Mulgik: Now for the combine.
Mulgik: Order is important.
-Mulgik places Tree, then Creature, then Wall and starts the combine ritual.-
Mulgik: It is finished.
Mulgik: Please stand back as I demonstrate the spell.
Mulgik: Observe.
-The surrounding plant life bursts into growth, wrapping around the Mulgik's body in a tough armor.-
Mulgik: Amazing is the power of nature!
Mulgik: Look at how she reaches out to protect me.
-Mulgik hands back your glyphs as the armor subsides.-
Mulgik: You will now purify your glyphs and cast the spell your self.
Mulgik: It grants temporary perfection in mind and body.
Mulgik: When complete, tell me what the spell wishes itself to be called.
YOU: animate vegetation
Mulgik: The Brown Way has many of these combination spells.
Mulgik: It takes Xiosia's own luck to discover them without being taught.
Mulgik: You must also have great knowledge in your Way.
Mulgik: Even with knowledge and power, your combining may still fail.
-Mulgik eyes show a hint of sadness, the first emotion you have ever seen shown.-
Mulgik: That is a lesson I learned in my youth when I was yet an Adept like yourself.
Mulgik: That was so long ago…
Mulgik: He was a Blue Way Archmaster, but knew nearly as much in all other Ways as the Archmasters themselves.
Mulgik: I have never seen nor heard of anyone to achieve such greatness.
Mulgik: It is not something to be discussed now.
-Mulgik holds out a hand.-
Mulgik: Your bracers please.
YOU: My bracers as requested.
-Mulgik silently hands you another set of bracers, then studies you for a few moments.-
Mulgik: YOU, it is time to finalize your skills in the Brown Way.
Mulgik: Only once you reach your limit will I accept your wand and give you your final lesson.
Mulgik: However, it is not going to be so easy this time.
Mulgik: If you recall, I mentioned some time ago that you should mingle with practitioners of the two Ways that support your own.
Mulgik: I need for you to also bring me one Master's Set of Bracers from each of those two Ways, and give all three to me all at once.
Mulgik: So, you will bring me your own wand, and one Master's Bracer from the Dark and Blue Ways.
Mulgik: This is to prove you have gained respect and support from the Circles that support your own.
Mulgik: Good luck, and set your roots deep.
Rewards: 1 Master's Brown Way Bracers, 45 Faction with Brown Order, 19200 XP.