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Knowledge of the Azure Way Adept
Required: Rank 70 Azure Way, 1 Adept's Azure Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Bracers.
→ Go to Axomir
YOU: Please accept my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Axomir: Your testing will have to wait, YOU.
Axomir: Pawprech is still worried about his herd.
Axomir: I have other duties, so I want you to see what he needs.
Axomir: Tell him that you are there to help.
→ Go to Pawprech Forsill
YOU: I'm an Adept of Axomir, he sent me to give you a hand.
Pawprech: Well, I hope you're good enough to assist me.
Pawprech: Look.
-Pawprech's points to his Goujah.-
Pawprech: My animals have some sort of magical illness, it makes them blind, and it is not the first time.
-Pawprech's sobs and puts a hand on his forehead.-
Pawprech: This is caused by a toxin they eat, so I continue to change food, without results it seems.
Pawprech: But that's not the problem because someone from the Crystal Way Circle did come and cure the blindness.
Pawprech: Now my concern are for the younger ones, they still seem weak.
Pawprech: I want you to ensure they're safe, and check if they are fully recovered.
-Pawprech's looks over at his beasts before continuing.-
Pawprech: But I'm not sure I can trust you, are you really an Adept in the Azure Way?
Pawprech: Prove it.
Pawprech: Is there a Glyph or Glyph combination which allows me to know more about the condition of my Goujah?
YOU: mind humanoid
-Pawprech nods, showing his approval.-
Pawprech: Nature Intuition, yes.
Pawprech: That is the spell's name.
Pawprech: May you cast it?
Pawprech: Or do I need to call Axomir again?
YOU: [ YOU casts the spell: Nature Intuition on the Goujah.]
-Pawprech opens his eyes wide, looking the Goujah.-
Pawprech: Don't make me wait, please.
Pawprech: What can you tell me about my Goujah?
YOU: [Truth] This one seems to feel dizzy and disoriented.
Pawprech: Blindness and the dizziness in younger ones are clear symptoms of an old disease.
Pawprech: I thought they became immune.
-Pawprech looks puzzled, then he lowers his head and looks at one of the Goujah.-
Pawprech: Well then, I know the cure.
Pawprech: Thank you very much, I really appreciate your efforts.
Pawprech: Please accept these.
-He hands you a bag full of coins and a glyph from a smaller bag.-
Pawprech: Give my greetings to Axomir.
→ Go to Axomir
YOU: Pawprech sends his greetings.
Axomir: You did well then, as I knew you would.
Axomir: We will call that your test for this part of your training.
-Axomir gives a warm smile.-
Axomir: Now hand me your bracers please.
YOU: My bracers as requested.
Axomir: You will not be needing these any more.
Axomir: Now, before we move on I must ask you a question.
Axomir: Each Way of magic has One Way that opposes it.
Axomir: Glyphs of these two Ways are very difficult and dangerous to attempt to combine.
Axomir: Once you start the Master level testing in a Circle, you will not be allowed to advance far in the opposing Way Circle for safety reasons.
Axomir: Each Way also has two Ways that support it, combining easily and with little danger.
Axomir: For your test of knowledge, answer what two other Ways of magic support the Azure Way.
YOU: Red Way and Crystal Way.
Axomir: That is correct.
-Axomir removes a set of bracers from a bag and hands them to you.-
Axomir: These bracers are more advanced than your last set, increasing your powers even more.
Axomir: You will need them as you continue your training.
Axomir: Once your skill is high enough, give me your wand once again and I will give you your final Adept's test.
Rewards: 1 Dome glyph, 1 Adept's Azure Way Bracers, 15 Faction with Azure Order, 1000 Tria, 10800 XP.