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Knowledge of the Brown Way Adept
Required: Rank 70 Brown Way, 1 Adept's Brown Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Brown Way Bracers.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: I have returned with my wand in hand.
Lorytia: Someone is asking for my help.
Lorytia: But I want to send you, I think you're skilled enough for this.
Lorytia: Pawprech is having troubles with his herd.
Lorytia: I want you to see what he needs in my sted.
Lorytia: Tell him that you are there to help.
→ Go to Pawprech Forsill
YOU: I was sent to help you.
Pawprech: Finally, I have been waiting for Lorytia to send me some Xiosia help.
Pawprech: I recently had some trouble with my friends here.
-Pawprech waves his hand over at his goujah.-
Pawprech: With all the spells and counter spells we had to cast the poor things are left with super sensitive skin, the smallest bump results in a rash.
Pawprech: They are due to be transported by winch and I fear they will not survive such a trip.
-Pawprech sighs deeply.-
Pawprech: None of the Way protection spells will work, as the resulting spells have too much energy residue and will effect the working of the Winch magics.
Pawprech: I was hoping Lorytia would have a natural solution.
-Pawprech looks over at his beasts before continuing.-
Pawprech: I can however see you are a Brown Way adept, and we have not yet tried any Brown Way spells.
-Pawprech slaps his hand against his forehead.-
Pawprech: But of course!
Pawprech: Brown Way spells uses nature energy, and nature energy wont effect the Winch's crystal energy.
Pawprech: Now if only there was a glyph combination that could toughen up the hides of the goujah, but not so hard it will damage winch equipment.
-Pawprech looks at you with desperation in his eyes.-
Pawprech: Any Ideas?
YOU: Have you tried Armored Skin?
-Pawprech opens his eyes in excitement.-
Pawprech: Armored Skin?
Pawprech: That is the spell name?
-Pawprech frowns, but looks hopeful.-
Pawprech: That spell is beyond my abilities, but I am sure it will work.
Pawprech: I must reward you for your help.
-Pawprech removes some glyphs from his Glyph sack. After sorting through them extends his hand with a glyph.-
Pawprech: I have a spare glyph I was told combines with Brown Way, and give Lorytia my thanks.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: Pawprech sends thanks.
Lorytia: Xiosia's blessings on him.
Lorytia: Well done.
Lorytia: As a tree grows, it drops leaves to nourish the the ground beneath it, and fruits to feed the creatures.
Lorytia: So it must be with you.
Lorytia: When aid is asked, offer what you have.
-Lorytia gives a warm smile.-
Lorytia: Now hand me your bracers please.
YOU: My bracers as requested.
Lorytia: Your roots have grown beyond these.
Lorytia: Now, before we move on I must ask you a question.
Lorytia: Each Way of magic has One Way that opposes it.
Lorytia: Glyphs of these two Ways are very difficult and dangerous to attempt to combine.
Lorytia: Once you start the Master level testing in a Circle, you will not be allowed to advance far in the opposing Way Circle for safety reasons.
Lorytia: Each Way also has two Ways that support it, combining easily and with little danger.
Lorytia: For your test of knowledge, answer what two other Ways of magic support the Brown Way.
YOU: Blue and Dark Way.
Lorytia: Yes, much as three trees together in the wind.
Lorytia: One on its own may fail, but together they brace against the gail.
-Lorytia removes a set of bracers from a bag and hands them to you.-
Lorytia: These bracers will help to nourish your Brown Way powers in a greater way than the Apprentice's set.
Lorytia: You will need them as you continue your training.
Lorytia: Once your skill is high enough, give me your wand once again and I will give you your final Adept's test.
Rewards: 1 Negate glyph, 1 Adept's Brown Way Bracers, 25 Faction with Brown Order, 13600 XP.