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Knowledge of the Dark Way Adept
Required: Rank 70 Dark Way, 1 Adept's Dark Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Bracers.
→ Go to Rulayne Ogrin
YOU: Please except my Way Wand as proof of being a worthy student.
Rulayne: Your testing will have to wait, YOU.
Rulayne: It seems that there are some Entropy glyphs in the Derghir village on the road to Ojaveda.
Rulayne: They continue to offer them asking for favors.
Rulayne: Go to Akameer and check what he wants now.
→ Go to Amakeer
YOU: I hear you are in need of some help.
-Amakeer stares at the horizon for quite some time. Then he raises a hand. His finger twitches when he opens the hand, showing a glyph.-
Amakeer: For you.
-His head starts turning to the ground with the sound of grinding rocks. He looks at a bunch of brown worms crawling in the ground.-
Amakeer: For me.
YOU: Have you a problem with the worms?
Amakeer: I can't kill them.
Amakeer: They hide in the earth.
-Amakeer looks at the worms for a long time. Then his head nods.-
Amakeer: Combine the Glyph I gave to you with another.
Amakeer: You are in the Dark Way Circle.
Amakeer: What glyph would you combine it with?
YOU: Illness
-Amakeer nods with with a rocky sound.-
Amakeer: Lesser Plague?
Amakeer: It should work.
YOU: [YOU cast Lesser Plague to the worms.]
-The worms start to tremble on the ground, crawling over themselves. When Amakeer low his head to look they are motionless, already died.-
Amakeer: Good work.
Amakeer: You can take the glyph.
-Amakeer slowly lifts his foot. Then he smashes it to the ground, shattering the worms with a wet sound.-
Amakeer: Say thanks to Rulayne.
→ Go to Rulayne Ogrin
YOU: Amakeer sends his thanks.
Rulayne: You did well then?
-Rulayne continues more hesitantly.-
Rulayne: Your success is becoming troublesome.
Rulayne: A waste of my time and far from entertaining.
-Rulayne shrugs.-
Rulayne: We will call that your test for this part of your training.
-Rulayne extends a hand.-
Rulayne: Your bracers please.
YOU: Here is my Bracers as requested, sir.
Rulayne: You will not be needing these any more.
Rulayne: Now, before we move on I must ask you a question.
Rulayne: Each Way of magic has One Way that opposes it.
Rulayne: Glyphs of these two Ways are very difficult and dangerous to attempt to combine.
Rulayne: Once you start the Master level testing in a Circle, you will not be allowed to advance far in the opposing Way Circle nor would you want to, but if you did you shouldn't, for err…
Rulayne: safety reasons.
-Rulayne extends both hands out to his sides one at a time.-
Rulayne: Each Way also has two Ways that support it, combining easily and with less danger.
Rulayne: For your test of knowledge, answer what two other Ways of magic support the Dark Way.
YOU: Brown and Red Way.
Rulayne: Correct, YOU.
Rulayne: Maybe you are worth my time.
Rulayne: In any case, Dakkru desires the deaths of the powerful, not the weak.
Rulayne: I serve my Goddess by making you more powerful.
-Rulayne removes a set of bracers from a bag and hands them to you.-
Rulayne: These bracers are more advanced than your last set, increasing your powers even more.
Rulayne: You will need them as you continue your training.
Rulayne: Once your skill is high enough, give me your wand once again and I will give you your final Adept's test.
Rewards: 1 Entropy glyph, 1 Adept's Dark Way Bracers, 1 Faction with Dark Order, 15000 XP.