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Kran Translation
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Talisa Tamariss
YOU: Hello lady Talisa.
-Talisa looks up from a book and gives you a smile.-
Talisa: Why hello Enkidukai.
Talisa: You come as if sent by the gods themselves.
Talisa: I require a book from a friend.
Talisa: Would you be a dear and collect it?
YOU: It will be a pleasure helping you.
-Talisa smiles.-
Talisa: Marvellous.
Talisa: The book I require is a volume on Kran poetry.
-Talisa stares for a few seconds over Hydlaa before returning her gaze to you.-
Talisa: It is actually a work by Ondren Torr.
Talisa: Just tell kra I sent you.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: I was sent by Talisa.
-Ondren re-adjusts kras gem pouch before looking at you.-
Ondren: Talisa sent you?
Ondren: It must be for my book.
Ondren: Give me a moment and I will give it to you.
-Ondren searches kras backpack and removes a rather thick book.-
Ondren: Here, please take this to Talisa.
Ondren: I promised her I would give her my book for a short time.
Ondren: I love poetry and write them all in this book, so please be careful with it.
→ Go to Talisa Tamariss
YOU: Here is the book you requested.
-Talisa gently opens the book.-
Talisa: This will help me a great deal.
Talisa: Thank you for your kind service, Enkidukai.
-Talisa hands you a few coins.-
Rewards: 20 Faction with Science Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.