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Krestal's Letter Delivery
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Krestal Dhusho
YOU: Hello, I'm looking for some work to do.
Krestal: Ah, yes, I just might have something for you to do.
Krestal: You see, I need to deliver some letters, but I am too busy looking after the pterosaur customers today to make the trips myself...
Krestal: Anyway, I would ask kind Miss Tarela to carry them, but she is busy today with other deliveries.
Krestal: Are you interested in lending a hand with this?
Krestal: I can give you some travel tokens to compensate you for making the deliveries.
YOU: Yes, I'll help you out.
Krestal: Excellent!
Krestal: The first recipient is Brado.
Krestal: Your best bet is to find him in his tavern in Dsar Akkaio.
Krestal: The other is the merchant Mr Fromaad.
Krestal: I see him around town talking to Harnquist sometimes, or waiting up in Kada-El's for news from one of his mining teams.
Krestal: If you don't find him there though, he'll probably be on that ledge near the Laanx temple, thinking up some 'new syndicate' to join, most likely.
- Krestal Dhusho rolls his eyes slightly and digs out two letters and hands them over to you.
Krestal: Well, here are the letters.
Krestal: Just give them to their recipients and come back here for your payment.
Krestal: Farewell and safe travelling to you.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I have a letter for you.
Brado: I've been expecting this.
Brado: This looks to be an exciting competition!
- Brado smiles and waves the letter gently.
Brado: Thank you for the mail.
Brado: Here, have a hexa for your trouble.
Brado: Make sure to tell the sender that I received the letter.
- Brado pushes the hexa across the counter.
→ Go to Ervin Fromaad
YOU: Here, this is for you.
- Ervin Fromaad turns to look at you.
Ervin: Ah, hello.
Ervin: Good day to you.
-He takes the letter and turns it in his hands reading the address.-
Ervin: Ah yes.
Ervin: I recognise the writing.
Ervin: Thank you very much for delivering this to me.
→ Go to Krestal Dhusho
YOU: I've delivered all the letters.
Krestal: Ah, good work, Sir.
Krestal: Well.
Krestal: Let me give you your coin and you may be on your way.
- Krestal Dhusho takes some coin from a pouch and drops them into your hand.
Krestal: And seeing as you've done all that travelling for me, you can have these tokens so the next few pterosaur trips you can make for free.
Rewards: 1 Drinking Gourd of Brado's Special, 4 Travel Tokens, 1010 Tria, 8000 XP.