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Learn how to make a Broadsword
Required: 1 Superior Sword Parchment, 4 Steel Stock, 3 Steel Ingots.
[INFO]: You will get the Superior Sword Parchment from the quest New sabre for Jecascis.
→ Go to Veja Pontor
YOU: Hi, I've found this book. Can you help me make a broadsword?
Veja: Sure.
Veja: I can help you with that.
Veja: Shall we start now?
YOU: Yes, I'm ready.
Veja: First of all you'll need 4 steel stock and 3 steel ingots.
Veja: When you have them heat them on the forge down there.
-Veja points at one of the forges near her.-
Veja: and hammer them on the anvil down there.
-Veja points at an anvil.-
Veja: When you've done it all show me your results.
Veja: I'll wait for you before proceeding.
YOU: Here it is the broadsword blade and handle.
Veja: Sorry, I can't see the blade and the handle as I asked you: put them in well sight on your hands so I can have a look.
YOU: Here it is the broadsword blade and handle.
Veja: Good…
Veja: they seem to have come up well.
Veja: Now you have to heat the blade and hammer it for another two times so you'll get a better shaped blade.
Veja: At this point put it back in the forge and make it red hot.
Veja: Be careful to not wait too much or you'll ruin all your work!
Veja: When you are done with it, just put it in the quench tank.
-Veja points to the quench tank.-
Veja: So the blade loses temperature and, as last thing, sharpen it on the sharpening stone down there.
-Veja points to the sharpening stone.-
Veja: When you've done it you'll obtain a rough broadsword blade.
Veja: Show it to me so I can check all is well and then I will explain you the rest of the procedure.
Veja: Good Luck!
YOU: Here it is the rough broadsword blade.
-Veja nods at the sight of the blade.-
Veja: Yes, that looks good.
Veja: Now…
-Veja takes a furrower out and shows it to you.-
Veja: You have to use this on the blade you've made so you'll complete the blade.
Veja: When you are done with it just assemble the handle with the blade and you'll obtain your well earned broadsword.
Veja: You can use that table to do the furrow and assembly.
-Veja points to a smith table.-
Veja: When you are done just show your result to me.
YOU: Here it is the broadsword.
Veja: Let me have a look.
-Veja inspects your broadsword.-
Veja: It seems ok…
Veja: I've a proposal for you.
Veja: I just had an order for a broadsword and it must be done fast.
Veja: Therefore, if you sell me that one, I will pay it well.
Veja: What do you say?
YOU: Ok, I will sell you this broadsword.
Veja: Thank you very much!
Veja: Here take these.
-Veja gives you some circle.-
Veja: I hope you have learned how to make broadswords well!
Rewards: 1 Furrower, 1 Faction with Enkidukai, 25000 Tria, 10000 XP.