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Learning Blade Making
Required: Quest Making a Metal Stock with Harnquist completed, 2 Steel Stock, 1 Armor glyph.
→ to Harnquist
YOU: Can you tell me how to make swords?
NPC: Sword making is a valuable trade skill.
NPC: Are you sure you are willing to put in the effort to learn?
YOU: Yes, I really want to learn.
NPC: Good, I can teach you how to make some simple knives and swords.
NPC: Everything starts with raw materials.
NPC: Bring me two pieces of steel stock and I will teach you more.
YOU: Here is your steel stock, I stacked it together as the quality is the same.
NPC: Ah good.
NPC: It is important that you find a good source of steel stock.
NPC: Once you start making swords, you will probably not want to spend your time mining or refining ore.
NPC: The first step is to acquire the proper skills.
NPC: To make a knife or sword, you need both blacksmith and either knife or sword making skills.
NPC: You will also need a special book that I can give you.
NPC: Before teaching you any more, I need to know if you are serious about being a sword smith.
NPC: If so, find an Armor glyph for me and bring it here.
YOU: I finally found it, here is the glyph you requested.
NPC: Ah, great.
NPC: This is what you need to do.
NPC: You use different quantities to make different items.
NPC: Get some more steel stock, and heat it up in the forge.
NPC: Then, hammer the blade into shape.
NPC: Heat it again and quench it in the tank.
NPC: Sharpen it and combine it with a handle, and you are done crafting a very basic version of a weapon.
NPC: Do not forget to experiment, and be sure to learn the needed skills from me before trying to make any weapons.
NPC: Good luck.
Reward: 2107 tria, 10800 xp, Book of Blades, faction Smith Association+15