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Learning Metal Working in Ojaveda
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I would like to learn how to work with metal.
Trasok: It's about time you learn a job!
Trasok: You ready to learn now?
YOU: Yes.
Trasok: Good.
Trasok: I can teach you part of my job, starting from the very basics.
Trasok: Everything starts with raw materials like iron ore.
Trasok: Bring me two iron ores and I will teach you more.
Trasok: I do not care if you mine them or buy them.
YOU: Here are your iron ores.
Trasok: Ah good, you found some.
Trasok: This material can be formed into stock that a blacksmith can use to make armor and weapons!
Trasok: You have to place the ore inside the furnace.
Trasok: The furnace will refine it.
Trasok: Then use the stock casting to create the iron ingot from the molten ore.
Trasok: I can give you what you need to get started in exchange for a pair of leather gloves.
YOU: Here are your gloves.
Trasok: Great job.
Trasok: Okay, listen carefully now.
Trasok: Get one or more iron ores and place those in the furnace located upstairs.
Trasok: Wait some time and you will see it melt; do not leave it too long or it will become unusable.
Trasok: Then remove the molten iron from the furnace and put it into the stock casting.
Trasok: After some time, you will have an iron ingot!
Trasok: You will need some metallurgy skill to even get started.
Trasok: Be sure to take some training in metallurgy from me before trying this yourself.
Trasok: Also you must 'keep in mind' the book I will give you now.
Trasok: Good luck.
YOU: How do you make stock?
Trasok: If you are interested in learning more about metal working, I can teach you.
Trasok: Are you interested?
Trasok: It will cost you one hundred tria.
YOU: Yes.
Trasok: Give me one hundred tria and I will teach you a bit more about metal working.
YOU: Here is your one hundred tria.
Trasok: Great.
Trasok: An ingot is just a small part of what is needed to make a piece of metal stock.
Trasok: Stock is made of ten molten pieces.
Trasok: Once you've made an ingot, you can turn it back to molten metal just by using the furnace again.
Trasok: Do you want to hear more?
YOU: Yes.
Trasok: Great!
Trasok: To make one piece of metal stock, you have to place ten molten pieces of ore into the same stock casting slot.
Trasok: So one molten piece will make an ingot, and ten pieces will make a bar of metal stock.
Trasok: Good luck!
Rewards: Nothing.