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Learning Metal Working
Required: 2 Iron Ore, 1 Leather Gloves.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Hello, I'm ready to start learning about metallurgy. You said you'd help?
- Harnquist smiles.
Harnquist: I have always thought that all these young adventurers and warriors should settle down a bit and learn new things.
Harnquist: Hydlaa needs people that help the economy to grow: new builders, architects, bakers, and so on.
Harnquist: Are you truly interested in learning about metallurgy?
YOU: Yes..I'd really love to learn about metallurgy.
Harnquist: Good.
Harnquist: I can teach you part of my job, starting from the very basics.
Harnquist: Everything starts with raw materials like iron ore.
Harnquist: Bring me two lumps of iron ore and I will teach you more.
→ Give Harnquist 2 Iron Ore
YOU: Here are the iron ore you requested.
Harnquist: Ah good, you found them.
Harnquist: Whether you mined them yourself or not is irrelevant.
Harnquist: I usually buy my raw materials from merchants.
- Harnquist inspects the ores.
Harnquist: Alright, this material is extremely useful for building most of what you wear and wield in battle; in that sense, it's a real gift from the gods.
Harnquist: From this simple mineral, we will create items and goods!
Harnquist: The first step is to have the knowledge on how to refine it.
Harnquist: You have to place the ore inside a furnace and wait for it to turn into molten iron.
Harnquist: Then you have to place the molten iron into stock casting and wait for it to create the final iron ingot or iron stock.
Harnquist: You will not be able to do this yourself until I give you the right tips.
Harnquist: I can exchange this information for a new pair of leather gloves.
- Harnquist shows you his old pair which are nearly worn through.
Harnquist: Bring me those new gloves and I will give you the last of the tips you need.
→ Give Harnquist 1 Leather Gloves
YOU: Here are your new gloves.
Harnquist: Ah, great.
Harnquist: I usually consume a pair of leather gloves each week for this job!
- Harnquist gives you a book.
Harnquist: Read this book carefully and keep it 'in your mind.' Get one or more iron ores, and place those in a furnace by my shop.
Harnquist: Wait some time and you will see it melting.
Harnquist: Be patient: it will take time to melt!
Harnquist: Yet do not leave it for too long or it will become unusable.
Harnquist: Then get the molten iron from the furnace and put it into the stock casting.
Harnquist: After some time, you will have an iron ingot!
Harnquist: The operation is not easy, so you need some metallurgy knowledge to complete it.
Harnquist: Be sure to get plenty of practice, return to me and I'll teach you how to make metal stock.
Harnquist: Good luck.
Rewards: 1 Working With Stock, 2 Level in Metallurgy, 10 Faction with Smith Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.