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Learning Nature's Secrets
Required: Rank 15 Herbalism, 5 Wragberries, 1 Lavender Flower, 5 Kingsfoil Leaf.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: I am ready to learn more about Herbalism.
-Aleena stops what she is doing and nods.-
Aleena: Ah, so you are, YOU.
Aleena: I've got just the book for you here.
-Aleena holds up a small book.-
Aleena: I see you have been practicing making your teas and juices?
Aleena: Now let's look at some of the other things you can make with your skills, shall we?
YOU: Oh yes, I am ready to finally learn new things.
-Aleena smiles.-
Aleena: Great!
Aleena: Let's make some oil using Wragberries.
Aleena: I'll need you to go out and find me five Wragberries.
Aleena: If you want, you can get more so you'll have some to practice with.
Aleena: Do you know where to find them?
YOU: Yes, I can find them.
Aleena: Excellent.
Aleena: See, noting where these plants grow can be very helpful and save you much time.
Aleena: We shall continue once you've gathered some Wragberries.
YOU: I have the Wragberries.
Aleena: Wonderful.
-Aleena hands you a book.-
Aleena: This recipe book is called Nature's Secrets.
Aleena: What I'd like you to do is take five Wragberries and grind them into an oil using a mortar and pestle, then return to me.
YOU: I made the oil, what next?
-Aleena nods approvingly.-
Aleena: Now you can do one of two things.
Aleena: You can just heat the oil in a pot, but you can also add some Lavender Flower with that to make Lavender oil.
Aleena: That's what we're going to do.
Aleena: Just get a Lavender Flower and cut it with a kitchen knife.
Aleena: Remember to consult your Herbal Remedies book for that part, then take it and combine it with your hot Wragberry oil using your new book.
Aleena: This can be done using the table.
Aleena: Heat this resulting combination using the pot until you have some Lavender oil.
Aleena: It smells fantastic and if you rub some on you, it helps your endurance.
Aleena: Give it a try.
YOU: Isn't this stuff for the ladies?
-Aleena laughs.-
Aleena: I suppose you can say that.
Aleena: It works all the same.
Aleena: It can make a great gift for your lady friends.
-Aleena winks.-
Aleena: If you don't want to smell all “girly”, you have other options too.
Aleena: I think Gobo oil is considered a bit manlier.
Aleena: You'll need a bit more skill before you can make that but the concept is the same.
Aleena: Let's turn our attention to one other remedy, shall we?
Aleena: It's called a poultice.
YOU: What is a poultice?
Aleena: It is a paste spread on a cloth which can be applied to a lesion or wound.
Aleena: We can use various remedies as medicines.
Aleena: Let's make some Kingsfoil Poultice.
Aleena: You'll need some Kingsfoil Leaf.
Aleena: You're going to take it and mash it into a pulp using a masher, then grind the pulp into a paste using a mortar and pestle.
Aleena: Once you have your paste, apply it to this cloth.
-Aleena shows you a cloth and hands it to you.-
Aleena: Finally, heat that up in a pot.
Aleena: Give it a try.
YOU: I did it!
Aleena: Hah, you are doing great, YOU.
Aleena: This is great for healing open wounds.
Aleena: A must for hunters going out on a long hunt or fighters in training.
Aleena: Well, that about does it for this session.
Aleena: I've got one more book you'll find of interest.
Aleena: It will be about fifteen more lessons before you're ready, so come back then.
Aleena: Now you have more items to make so continue practicing.
Aleena: Do you have any questions?
YOU: What else can I make at this point?
-Aleena nods quickly.-
Aleena: Yes, yes, we only covered a couple of things didn't we?
Aleena: In addition to oils and poultices, you should also be able to make syrups and extracts.
Aleena: Good plants for that are Golden Ivy or Barberry Root.
Aleena: You can make extracts by making tea, then further heating it up in a pot.
Aleena: Once you have an extract, you can turn it into syrup by adding some honey and heating again in a pot.
Aleena: I can sell you some honey when you need some.
Aleena: Pastes, pulps, extracts, and syrups are also used in alchemy.
YOU: What else is good for a poultice?
Aleena: I have found that using Red Mangrove Leaf, Sinaflar Root, or Wyn Reed makes for a good paste for poultices.
YOU: What about alchemy?
Aleena: Oh yes, I almost forgot.
Aleena: If you are interested in alchemy, now might be a good time to get started.
Aleena: For that you'll need to find Liera Zireti.
Aleena: You can usually find her in her stand at the Hydlaa arena.
Aleena: Remember, some of the things you can make now can be used in alchemy, so what you have learned here will help you.
Aleena: And if you think there's much to make using herbal, just wait till you get started in alchemy.
-Aleena smiles and winks.-
YOU: Where can I get those cloths for poultices?
Aleena: I can sell you those as well as honey for making syrups.
YOU: I think that's it for now. Thanks for your help.
Aleena: You are a good student, YOU.
Aleena: Remember, about fifteen more lessons and I'll have one more very special book for you.
Rewards: 1 Nature's Secrets, 1 Faction with Science Association, 13600 XP.