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Learning Shield Making
Required: 2 Steel Stocks, 2 Rock Picks.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Can you teach me how to make shields?
Trasok: Shield making is a valuable trade skill.
Trasok: Are you interested in learning?
YOU: Yes.
Trasok: Good, I can teach you how to make some simple shields.
Trasok: Everything starts with raw materials.
Trasok: Find and bring me two pieces of steel stock and I will teach you more.
YOU: Here are your steel stocks.
Trasok: Ah good.
Trasok: It is important that you find a good source of metal stock.
Trasok: Once you start making shields, you will probably not want to spend your time mining or refining ore.
Trasok: The first step is to acquire the proper skills.
Trasok: To make a shield you need both blacksmith and shield making skills.
Trasok: You will also need a special book that I can give you.
Trasok: Before teaching you any more, I need to know if you are serious about being a shield smith.
Trasok: If so, find for me two rock picks and bring them here.
Trasok: I'll be waiting.
YOU: Two rock picks.
Trasok: Ah, great.
Trasok: Get some ingots and heat them up in the forge.
Trasok: You use different quantities to make different items.
Trasok: Then hammer the shield into shape.
Trasok: Combine it with a handle and a shield core, and you are done making a very basic shield.
Trasok: You will then need a riveter to put the pieces together.
Trasok: Don't forget to experiment, and be sure to learn the needed skills from me before trying to make a shield.
Trasok: Good luck.
Rewards: 1 Catalog of Shields, 25 Faction with Smith Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.