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Levrus Coal Lumps
Required: 10 Coal Lumps.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Can I help you?
Levrus: Yes?
Levrus: Oh, yes.
Levrus: I need coal, my friend, COAL.
Levrus: 'Tis the blackness that attenuates nicely with the brine, or so they say.
Levrus: Can you bring me coal lumps, naturally found?
YOU: Yes.
Levrus: Whee, excellent!
Levrus: I need ten lumps of coal.
Levrus: To fuel my fires for potion-making, you see.
Levrus: I shall anticipate your return with bated breath.
Levrus: Do it quickly now, and there'll be a bonus!
YOU: Here are your ten coal lumps.
Levrus: Ooh, here it is, the lovely coal!
Levrus: How it wanes my very vision.
Levrus: Here, this is for you.
Levrus: And lots extra for being so quick about it!
Levrus: I'm almost always in the need for ingredients of some kind, so if you want extra work, ask me!
Rewards: 1297 Tria, 8000 XP.