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Levrus Rat Eye
Required: 16 Rat Eyes.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Are there any jobs you need done?
Levrus: Ah, yes.
Levrus: I often need new ingredients for making potions and experiments.
Levrus: Today I need some rat eyes.
Levrus: Sixteen for the bubbly potion.
Levrus: No more, no less!
Levrus: Can you get them?
YOU: Yes, I don't mind getting my hands on some eyes for you.
Levrus: Good.
Levrus: My thanks, and hurry back with the sixteen eyes.
Levrus: Potions await!
YOU: Here are your sixteen Rat Eyes.
Levrus: Ahh, the rat eyes!
Levrus: Careful, now.
Levrus: They're delicate things.
Levrus: Choose your reward wisely.
Levrus: You may only have one!
Rewards: 1 Cold glyph, 1 Arrow glyph[OR], 1 Energy glyph[OR], 8000 XP.