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Liera's Cure
Required: 10 Ruby Crystal, 10 Cinnabar Ore, 10 Zinc Ore, 2 Maulbernaut Talon, 5 Neoten Consumer Blood, 4 Coamti Tongue, 10 Barberry Syrup.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: I am here to learn about alchemy.
-Liera has her head down and looks frazzled.-
-She looks up and blinks a few times focusing her eyes on you.-
Liera: No no, I have no time to teach.
Liera: I am trying to find a cure.
-She seems to speak to herself.-
Liera: What am I missing?
YOU: Maybe I can help?
-Liera narrows her eyes at you.-
Liera: If you are here to learn then you are a beginner.
Liera: I am working on a very powerful potion that takes quite some skill.
-Liera composes herself and starts from the beginning.-
Liera: You see, there has been a plague spreading on the third level.
Liera: Several towns have been quarantined.
Liera: Magic along with herbal and alchemy solutions have been attempted but at best have only helped treat symptoms.
Liera: There has been no outright cure.
YOU: I am willing to learn and help.
Liera: No, that will take too long.
Liera: This plague is serious and can cause permanent death.
Liera: We need something fast.
-Liera turns to her shelves and searches frantically, then turns to you.-
Liera: I already tried a potion called Universal Panacea and it made patients feel better, but only for awhile.
Liera: It was no cure, which is strange because this is one of the most powerful potions known and cures almost anything if prepared right.
Liera: If you want to help, go talk to other members of the Science Association and see if they have some ideas, meanwhile, I'll keep trying to find the right potion.
YOU: Whom should I speak with?
Liera: Think back to your dealings with the Science Association.
Liera: Start with Durok.
Liera: Kra is a respected member and might have some insight.
Liera: But don't tell Vladovic that I am working on a cure.
Liera: That old goujah will take all the credit for sure.
Liera: If you see him, just be vague.
YOU: Why do you want to find a cure so bad?
-She seems lost in thought for a bit, then shakes her head and turns to you.-
Liera: I sell potions here at the arena, but that's how I am seen by the Science Association.
Liera: I make these potions myself, you know.
Liera: I want to be taken seriously as an alchemist.
Liera: If I can find this cure, the Association will be sure to notice me.
Liera: That and I want to help those poor people on the third level, of course.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: What can you tell me about plagues?
Durok: Mmmm…ooh…plague.
-Kra cringes slightly.-
Durok: Why do you want to know?
YOU: I am helping searching for a cure for one.
Durok: Ahh…maybe you…are practicing alchemy?
YOU: I am just trying to help Liera.
Durok: Mmmm……I see…the potion merchant from the Hydlaa arena.
Durok: Wonderful…
Durok: Plagues…mmmm….usually caused by very tiny creatures too small to see.
Durok: Seek out Kilas.
Durok: He is….quite knowledgeable about….many things.
Durok: You can often find him….near here, in East Hydlaa.
Durok: Plague…..mmmm….serious.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: I am researching a cure for a plague.
Kilas: Oh my, that's serious stuff.
-Kilas looks around.-
Kilas: Hey, keep it down, we don't want to alarm Aldaaren.
Kilas: He's paranoid as it is.
Kilas: To find a cure would take quite some work.
Kilas: It's not just a matter of whipping up a potion.
- Kilas speaks up proudly and points upward as he says:
Kilas: It must be scientific!
Kilas: One must experiment and be precise.
-Kilas pauses in thought and speaks softly.-
Kilas: I have heard of some sort of outbreak on the third level.
Kilas: Might this be what you are trying to cure?
YOU: I am helping Liera to find a cure.
Kilas: Ah, a fine lass.
Kilas: Well I wish good luck to you both.
Kilas: I'm not an alchemist but I think one can apply what I call scientific methodology.
Kilas: What that means is to approach the problem systematically.
Kilas: First, we have the disease.
Kilas: Then we have various potions and ingredients to treat it.
Kilas: But how can we determine effect?
Kilas: How can we know if an attempt works or not?
Kilas: For this we need samples.
Kilas: Are you with me so far?
YOU: Sounds a bit dangerous, no?
Kilas: Quite, but not if done right.
Kilas: I assume there must be a team of scientists already on the scene.
Kilas: To get a sample -safely- one must put it in a dish and surround it with sealed glass.
Kilas: This can be done by an experienced glass blower.
Kilas: The glass is filled with a special gel-like substance which acts to keep the disease inert.
Kilas: Then one can apply a sample of treatment using a very thin needle and observe the effects through a powerful magnifying machine called a microscope.
Kilas: I helped get one sent to someone in Ojaveda recently, I don't remember who, maybe a student of Vladovic, a well respected herbalist and alchemist there.
Kilas: I think they developed this microscope over at the university in Amdeneir.
Kilas: Anyways, check with Vladovic and good luck to you.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: What will cure a plague?
-Vladovic panics, drinks 3 different potions and spreads a foul smelling powder on the counter.-
Vladovic: You bring disease to me!?
YOU: No, I'm not sick.
-Vladovic breathes a sigh of relief and collects the powder, brushing back into its container.-
Vladovic: Ohhh, I see, sorry but one cannot be too careful.
Vladovic: I've been hearing rumors about some outbreak on the third level.
Vladovic: It's bad enough several Dsars here in Ojaveda are under quarantine, but I don't think the two incidents are related.
Vladovic: Are you an alchemist?
YOU: I am trying to learn as well as help a friend.
Vladovic: I see, I see.
Vladovic: Usually we try to kill such things with poisons or venoms.
Vladovic: However, we must kill the infection without harming the surrounding tissue or the subject.
Vladovic: So just the right amount must be determined and used.
Vladovic: A sample will have to be procured so it can be worked on safely.
Vladovic: This is very dangerous so they will not give out such things without a very good reason.
YOU: Would a Universal Panacea potion help?
-Vladovic eyes widen for a second with a look of alarm.-
Vladovic: A what potion?
Vladovic: Where did you hear of such a thing?
Vladovic: That's a mystical potion.
Vladovic: Do not speak of it.
Vladovic: Only the most skilled alchemist would be foolish to even attempt such a thing.
YOU: It has already been attempted.
Vladovic: Really?
Vladovic: It must have come from a very talented alchemist familiar with The Great Work because it is a very intricate potion that takes many many iterations to create.
Vladovic: Did it have positive results?
Vladovic: No, I suppose not or you would not be here, eh?
YOU: It treated symptoms but it was no cure.
Vladovic: I see, I see.
Vladovic: Yes, it is quite the conundrum, you see.
Vladovic: That is a very powerful potion, yet what we need is to both heal and poison.
Vladovic: A combination of ingredients must be found such that these things do not cancel each other out.
Vladovic: Kill the disease without killing the subject but heal the subject without healing the disease, hmm?
Vladovic: It would take quite some experimentation to find the right ingredients in the right amounts.
YOU: Do you know someone with a microscope?
Vladovic: Ah yes, fascinating tool, and quite helpful with such things.
Vladovic: I have a student who has been working with Chired Idelall.
Vladovic: In fact, if I know this student, he may have gone down to the third level to help.
Vladovic: But you should be able to find Chired.
Vladovic: She has a shop in Dsar Kore.
Vladovic: And please do not speak of such potions freely.
Vladovic: The Great Work is very spiritual and is best to be out of the public ear.
→ Go to Chired Idelall
YOU: Hello, I hear you have a microscope?
-Chired narrows her eyes to see you better and her hand grasps tightly on her cane.-
Chired: Hmm?
Chired: Where did you hear such a thing?
YOU: I heard it from Vladovic.
Chired: Ah, I see.
Chired: Are you an aspiring scientist or alchemist?
YOU: Yes, I am helping to find a cure for a plague.
-Chired speaks in a somewhat feeble voice, clearing her throat frequently.-
Chired: Ohhh, I seeeee.
Chired: Is this about the outbreak on the third level?
Chired: I have a student who has gone down to help.
Chired: I have equipment here if you ever get some samples we can analyze.
Chired: The microscope can be critical in seeing if a cure works.
Chired: Who is working on this if I may ask?
YOU: I am trying to help Liera Zireti, but don't tell Vladovic.
-Chired chuckles, then coughs.-
Chired: Oh yes, I remember Liera.
Chired: A Ynnwn girl right?
Chired: I trained her awhile back.
Chired: Very talented and ambitious.
Chired: Well, have her procure some samples in a sealed glass dish.
Chired: My student there will know what to do on that end.
Chired: Then if she wishes, we can test some of her treatments and see what effect they have on the disease.
Chired: This is dangerous but it can be done safely.
Chired: Do let me know, we need to help those poor people down there.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: [You tell Liera what you have learned.]
-Liera eyes light up with excitement.-
Liera: Yes, YES!
Liera: Brilliant!
Liera: Vladovic is right, the Universal Panacea can act as a booster while the poison kills the plague.
Liera: The old coot is smart, I'll give him that.
Liera: You didn't tell him of my work, did you?
YOU: No, I kept it general.
Liera: Hah, good.
Liera: Oh and how is dear sweet Chired?
Liera: Well, never mind, now…there are several possibilities for a poisonous ingredient.
-Liera begins checking her shelves, speaking to herself.-
Liera: Poison carkarass parts, check; Velnishi blood, check; Tloke warrior stinger, check; various Consumer blood, check…
Liera: Hmm, I don't seem to have any more poison Grendol blood.
-Liera finally turns her attention back to you.-
Liera: You really want to help?
Liera: I need some poison blood from the Toxic Grendol.
Liera: You'll have to venture into the sewers to find those vile creatures.
Liera: Get them yourself, form a group, buy them…I don't care.
Liera: I need five poison bloods.
Liera: Oh and one more thing.
-Liera scribbles a note on a piece of paper then hands it to you.-
Liera: Here, please find Tarela and have her deliver this to the quarantine station on the third level.
Liera: Hopefully they will give me those samples as you stated.
Liera: In the mean time, I will work with what I have.
Liera: Hurry…Tarela first, then the blood.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: I have an urgent message.
Tarela: Yes, yes, aren't they all?
-Tarela's doesn't even look at you and holds out her hand, speaking in a monotone fashion as if reciting a list she's spoken many times.-
Tarela: Messages five to twenty tria, depending on the location; small packages twenty tria, large packages fifty tria…where to?
YOU: I am trying to help Liera cure a plague!
-Tarela blinks a few times and turns her full attention to you, then reads the note.-
Tarela: Hmm?
Tarela: Oh.
Tarela: OH MY!
Tarela: Yes, this is serious stuff.
Tarela: Ok I will…no…do you have winch access?
Tarela: Never mind, let's do it this way.
Tarela: Go immediately and find Amidison Stronghand, the Vigesimi around here.
Tarela: She will give you clearance.
Tarela: Winch access is currently restricted to the third level because of this outbreak.
Tarela: They might not listen to us but Amidison can give the authority.
Tarela: And tell her Tarela says it's top priority!
Tarela: Quickly!!
-Tarela hands you back the note.-
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: I need to get an urgent message to the winch.
Amidison: So?
Amidison: Do you have winch access, Sir?
YOU: Yes, I do.
Amidison: Then why do you need to see me?
YOU: This is about the outbreak on the third level, we may be close to a cure.
Amidison: Aha, yes, I have heard of some outbreak.
Amidison: I got word winch access to that level has been suspended.
Amidison: Sorry, it's too dangerous.
YOU: I don't need to go there, I just need to send a message. We need samples to test the cure.
Amidison: You want to bring this plague to the Dome?!?
Amidison: Are you mad?
YOU: It's safe, the scientists know what to do. And Tarela says it's top priority.
Amidison: Hmm, Tarela sent you here?
Amidison: Well, I know her and trust her judgment.
Amidison: What is your name, Enkidukai?
YOU: I am YOU, Vigesimi.
-Amidison flips through a bunch of papers she happens to have on her.-
Amidison: Very well, here's what I'll do: Take this paper.
-Amidison seals it with the Octarchal Seal before handing it to you.-
Amidison: Bring it directly to Vigesimi Datal.
Amidison: And there'd better not be an outbreak here on the Dome or heads will roll, namely yours, YOU!
→ Go to Datal Allavium
YOU: An urgent message!
-Datal looks up.-
Datal: Let's see here…
-Datal reads the letter and his eyes widen with a look of concern and shock.-
Datal: Huh, I'm not sure about this, but since this came from the Hydlaa Vigesimi herself, very well.
Datal: Let me see this letter to be sent.
Datal: I need to understand what's going on here.
YOU: Here it is.
-As Datal reads the letter, he makes several distorted facial expressions.-
Datal: This had better work!
Datal: It seems like an unnecessary risk to me.
Datal: Scientists…they're going to be the end of us all.
-Datal shouts to Venec even though he's close by.-
Datal: VENEC!
- Venec calmly speaks:
Datal: I'm right here, sir.
Datal: Isn't the third level under restriction?
-Datal replies in a normal tone.-
Datal: Yes, but this is important, we must get this message down there and await an important reply.
Datal: We are to take the return package immediately to Miss Zireti at the arena.
Datal: This is top priority.
Datal: Lives are at stake!
-Datal now directs his words to you.-
Datal: We'll take it from here, citizen.
Datal: Thank you for your service.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Your bloods.
Liera: Great!
Liera: And the letter has been delivered?
YOU: Yes, I gave it to the Winch Vigesimi, himself.
Liera: Excellent.
Liera: I left instructions to deliver those samples here.
Liera: But I realized, I have no way of testing them.
Liera: You said Chired will help with that?
YOU: Yes, she has a microscope there.
Liera: Wonderful lady, Chired.
Liera: She may be older now but a great trainer.
Liera: I trust her to help us figure out if any of my concoctions works.
Liera: But first, there is still much to do.
Liera: Vladovic gave me a good idea.
Liera: We should not stop at just one potion, even one as powerful as Universal Panacea.
Liera: There are others I can make too, which will be a regimen of treatments to be given at different stages.
Liera: Yes, yes, this will work, I am sure of it.
Liera: But I need a LOT of supplies.
Liera: I have some, like iron ores and some animal parts, but I need a resupply of others.
Liera: You want to learn about alchemy?
Liera: Here's your chance.
-Liera gets out a quill and paper and starts writing, but after a few strokes she starts rubbing the quill quickly.-
Liera: Ugh!
Liera: Out of ink.
Liera: I hope you have some handy, I'll just have to tell you what to get, but be warned, it's extensive.
Liera: Ready write it all down?
YOU: Yes, I am ready.
-Liera takes a deep breath.-
Liera: I need 10 ruby crystals.
Liera: 10 cinnabar ores.
Liera: 10 zinc ores.
Liera: 2 maulbernaut talons.
Liera: 5 neoten consumer bloods.
Liera: 4 coamti tongues.
Liera: Some Barberry Syrup, 10 will do.
Liera: I also need a restock of reagents, particularly combinations of them.
Liera: So on your way back, find Charisa Malod.
Liera: She has a house near the main street in Hydlaa.
Liera: She's a retired alchemist but she still supplies me with reagents from time to time.
Liera: She'll know what I need.
Liera: As for the Barberry Syrup you can see Aleena if you need help with that.
Liera: For the animal parts, you can buy them or you might want to form a hunting party and go in a group.
Liera: Got it?
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: Liera needs reagents.
Charisa: Ah?
Charisa: Alright, I should still have some supplies.
-Charisa goes into her house briefly and comes out with a handful of vials and bottles along with a box.-
-She starts putting various things into the box carefully and neatly.-
Charisa: Anything important Liera is working on?
YOU: She is working on a cure for a plague.
-Charisa gasps.-
Charisa: Oh my.
-She starts putting some extra supplies in the box.-
Charisa: A plague…that's terrible.
Charisa: I pray Laanx will show mercy.
Charisa: I don't know if you ever heard of the story, but there was once a Lemur priest who strayed from Laanx's teachings.
Charisa: For punishment Laanx unleashed a terrible plague.
Charisa: The Lemurs searched furiously for a cure and it is said that was the origins of what is now alchemy.
Charisa: There is a good book in the library if you are interested.
YOU: I will look for that, thanks.
-Charisa smiles and hands you a box of supplies.-
Charisa: Here is the package for Liera.
Charisa: I wish her all the luck and my prayers are with her.
Charisa: May Laanx frighten the shadows from your path.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: I need ten Barberry Syrups for Liera.
Aleena: Hello, YOU.
Aleena: Learning alchemy I see?
Aleena: Hmm, perhaps Barberry Syrup is a bit beyond your skills at the moment.
Aleena: We can do one of two things.
Aleena: You can just buy some if you like, or I can help you make them quickly.
Aleena: What do you say?
YOU: Let's make them.
-Aleena smiles.-
Aleena: Very good, I will need ten Barberry Teas.
Aleena: Perhaps you have some from your practices?
Aleena: If not, you should know how to make it from Barberry Root.
YOU: Here are your 10 Barberry Teas.
Aleena: Perfect.
-Aleena takes the tea, goes over to the table and puts it in a pot, making an extract. She then adds honey and puts it back in the pot and repeats the process until done with ten.-
Aleena: There we go, ten Barberry Syrups.
Aleena: These are good for making cures for poisons.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Whew! That was not easy. I finally have your supplies.
-Liera is working but looks exhausted, then looks up at you.-
Liera: Ah, good.
Liera: I was beginning to think you weren't going to return.
Liera: Whatever you did worked, the samples have arrived and now I need to make a few potions from the poisons.
Liera: Let's do this in stages.
Liera: First the crystals.
Liera: Do you have the 10 rubies?
YOU: [You hand over 10 rubies.] There you go.
Liera: Good, now the metals.
Liera: 10 cinnabar and 10 zinc ores?
YOU: [You put the ores on the table.]
-Liera looks and counts, nodding approvingly.-
Liera: Powders made from both crystals and metals are often used in potions.
Liera: And the animal parts?
YOU: [You plop all the animal parts on the counter.] Coamti Tongues?!?
-Liera nods, grabbing the parts bit by bit and putting them on her shelves.-
Liera: Sounds strange, but yes, tongues are known to have restorative properties.
Liera: Coamti Tongue is an ingredient in a Greater Potion of Restoration.
Liera: You have a ways to go before you can make those.
Liera: Finally, let's do the syrup and the reagents.
Liera: You have those?
YOU: Here you go.
Liera: Great!
-Liera takes items out of the box from Charisa and places them on her shelves, making remarks as she does.-
Liera: …Oh good…perfect….oil of vitriols….mhmm…vitriol salts…I really needed more sulphur…way to go Charisa!
Liera: Good, now…
Liera: I have already made several potions.
Liera: These supplies will help me make more.
Liera: But now I need you to make a few things.
Liera: Even at minimum skill, you can at least make some minor potions.
Liera: First thing I need you to do is simply combine an Oil of Vitriol with 2 Niters and give me the mixture.
-Liera grabs some small bottles from the shelf and hands them to you.-
Liera: Here's a few oils, just use one.
YOU: Umm, do I need a book for this?
-Liera seems very exhausted, barely paying attention.-
Liera: Hmm?…
Liera: Oh, right, you are just starting out, aren't you?
Liera: Do you don't have a Basic Potions Tome?
YOU: No, I don't have one of those yet.
-She shakes her head as if trying to stay alert.-
Liera: Aha, it would help, wouldn't it?
Liera: I'm sorry, I've been at this for too long now, but I'm hoping you can help me with that shortly.
-Liera grabs a new looking book from behind her counter and hands it to you.-
Liera: This is a Basic Potions Tome.
Liera: It will teach you how to make many of these small potions.
Liera: Now, using this book, just combine one Oil of Vitriol with 2 Niters on the Alchemist's table.
Liera: Just like with combining metals, cooking, or making herbal ingredients.
YOU: Here you go. You want the remaining oil of vitriols back?
Liera: No, keep them, you'll need them.
-She takes the mixture.-
Liera: Very good.
-She moves to the stove and puts the mix into an odd looking container.-
Liera: This here is called an Alembic.
Liera: The mix is boiled and once condensed, it travels from this first container to the other one through a tube.
Liera: This is called distillation, which extracts the spirits from the mixture, in this case creating Nitric Spirit.
Liera: I will use that for one of the potions.
Liera: While this is working you can move onto your next task.
-Liera pours some sort of tea and takes a sip.-
Liera: The potions you will make in combination with this tea should perk me up good.
-She smiles.-
YOU: What do I do next?
Liera: I'm going to have you make a very simple potion, called a Minor Potion of Dermorian's Willpower.
Liera: This doesn't mean it's just for Dermorians.
Liera: Many potions from the Basic Potions Tome are named after races, associating a trait of that race; like Ynnwn's toughness, Kran's vigor, or Enkidukai's grace.
Liera: Each potion affects a trait like intelligence, endurance, willpower, and so on.
Liera: So for this willpower potion, I will give you a diamond and some quicksilver.
Liera: First, using the mortar and pestle, grind the diamond into a powder.
Liera: Then on the table, combine -one- powdered diamond and the quicksilver to make a raw potion.
Liera: Finally, take the raw potion and using a melting pot on the stove, amalgamate the solution until it is a proper potion, holding a glass stirrer.
-Liera hands you a diamond, a small vial with quicksilver in it, and a glass stirrer, then goes back to work.-
YOU: Here you go, one willpower potion. Anything else?
-Liera takes the potion and sets it aside.-
Liera: Great.
Liera: Next is going to be a Minor Potion of Lemur's Smartness.
Liera: For this you'll need just one tin ore and a vitriol salt.
Liera: But there are a lot of transformations to make so we'll do this in stages.
Liera: First here is a tin ore.
Liera: Make it into a powder, but instead of using the mortar and pestle, use this wooden mallet.
-Liera hands you a tin ore and a wooden mallet.-
YOU: Done!
Liera: Already?
Liera: A self starter…I like that.
Liera: You even figured out how to get quicksilver and bought all the materials.
Liera: You're going to make a great alchemist, YOU.
Liera: I really need this…bottoms up!
-Liera drinks some more tea, then takes the first potion you gave her and drinks it.-
Liera: Not bad…not the best quality, but not too bad for a beginner.
Liera: And now the intelligence potion.
-Liera quickly downs the potion and smacks her lips a bit.-
Liera: Salty.
-She then takes out a small bottle of juiceberry juice and drinks it.-
Liera: Whoooooo!
Liera: Now we're talkin'!
Liera: Juiceberry juice is nice and sweet and takes care of that salty and metallic taste.
YOU: How are you feeling?
-Liera perks up almost immediately and looks much more focused and alert.-
Liera: Once this all wears off, I'm going to need a good long sleep, but for now I can continue my work.
-Liera quickly moves between the table and stove, using various ingredients to make mixes and potions.-
-You notice as she takes the poison Grendol blood you gave her earlier and distills it in the alembic before putting it into the athanor.-
-She takes the resulting residue, adds some things to it, puts it in the melting pot and pours the resulting liquid into a vial.-
-Then after making several other things, she again puts various items in a box, seals it, and hands it to you.-
Liera: Alright, here we go.
Liera: In this box is the plague samples and various treatments.
Liera: I need you to take it to Chired in Dsar Kore and have her analyze it.
Liera: Take the pterosaur, it's faster.
-Liera reaches into a container of small items and pulls something out.-
Liera: Take this token and use it as payment with the attendant near the temple, it's worth one free pterosaur ride.
→ Go to Chired Idelall
YOU: Here are the samples from Liera.
Chired: Oh yes.
Chired: Thank you, dear.
-Chired takes the box and disappears up the stairs.-
- After some time, she yells out:
Chired: Aha!
Chired: Success!
-Soon she returns.-
Chired: I tried several of Liera's treatments.
Chired: One repelled the bacteria but did not kill it, one killed it but also killed tissue samples I had.
Chired: Finally, it was the one labeled “Grendol”.
Chired: I suppose Liera created some sort of treatment based on Grendol Poison Blood.
Chired: Whatever it was it worked perfectly, containing some very interesting antibodies.
Chired: Here is the box back, it contains notes of my findings.
Chired: I suppose you'll be taking the pterosaur back?
Chired: Here, have a travel token.
-Chired hands you the box and a token, then hesitates a bit as if she has something to say.-
YOU: Is there something else?
-Chired looks a little sad.-
Chired: While you were away, I remembered something about Liera.
Chired: Oh, it's not for me to say.
Chired: But I wonder if you know the reason Liera is so determined to find a cure.
YOU: She said she wanted to be noticed by the Science Association.
Chired: Hmm, I suspect there might be a deeper reason.
Chired: Anyway, it's not important, off you go.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Chired found the Grendol blood worked.
Liera: Aha, see?
Liera: Good thing I had you get some.
Liera: Good, good, while you were away I finished all of the potions.
Liera: I have also written a letter of instructions for the research team.
Liera: Word has really spread that I am doing this.
Liera: Everyone has been encouraging me.
Liera: So go back to the winch and deliver this.
Liera: And thank you again, YOU.
-Liera takes out unnecessary items from the box, leaving several potions, the samples, and puts in the cure and several other potions, then puts the instructions in and reseals it.-
Liera: I just know this is going to work.
-Liera sighs deeply.-
Liera: It…it -has- to.
-Liera sniffs and hands you the box.-
YOU: I'm sure it will be alright.
-Liera smiles.-
Liera: Thank you.
Liera: Any anytime you want to work on alchemy, you are welcome to come back here and use my station.
Liera: There is also Chired's shop, but the best location is the basement of the magic shop.
Liera: Keep getting training from me and after about 15 lessons total, I'll teach you some more things and give you another book.
-Liera hands you a pouch of tria.-
Liera: This is for your tremendous efforts, YOU.
Liera: Now get that box to the winch!
YOU: What's the real reason you want to find the cure?
-Liera eyes well up and she begins to sob.-
Liera: Th-the truth is…I…well…I have f-f-family on the third level!
-Liera looks tired again as she cries a bit.-
Liera: I don't even know if they are alright.
Liera: They live in one of the quarantined towns.
Liera: I am very worried about them.
YOU: Can you tell me more about these things you sell?
-Liera nods.-
Liera: Sure, most of the things I think we went through.
Liera: Common Salt, Niter, Oil of Vitriol, and Spirit are all reagents which are required for various potions.
Liera: Tools include the three types of stirrers: wooden, iron, and glass.
Liera: Different ones are needed to stir different types of mixtures.
Liera: For instance, you wouldn't want to use an iron stirrer with molten metals…the stirrer would melt as well.
-Liera smiles.-
Liera: Finally, there is Sulphur Powder, which is another reagent, and Tartar and Stibine which are used in that branch of alchemy Vladovic wants to keep so secret.
Liera: They are used in making that Universal Panacea potion I talked about…again, do keep that to yourself.
-Liera rolls her eyes a bit.-
Liera: You can buy such ingredients and tools from me, Vladovic, or Levrus.
→ Go to Datal Allavium
YOU: I have the cure!
Datal: Ah yes, very good.
Datal: I'll take that and we'll get it to the third level at once.
Datal: Well done, citizen.
Datal: The Octarchy will take note of your efforts, and this alchemist, Liera.
Datal: Fine work, now be gone.
Rewards: 1 Basic Potions Tome, 1 Glass Stirrer, 1 Wooden Mallet, 1 Faction with Science Association, 19200 XP.