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Liera's Supplies
Required: 10 Rat Eyes.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: How is business?
Liera: Business has been good.
Liera: Almost too good.
Liera: It hasn't given me much of a chance to stock up some of the supplies that I need.
Liera: Could you get some of them for me?
YOU: Sure, I have time to do that.
Liera: Great.
Liera: The first thing that I need is 10 rat eyes.
→ Give Liera Zireti 10 Rat Eyes
Liera: Thanks.
Liera: Now I need three tanned serpent skins.
Liera: Hirenn over in Ojaveda carries them for me.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: Hello, I need to pick up three tanned serpent skins for Liera.
Hirenn: Not much call for them.
Hirenn: She's about the only one who wants them.
-Hirenn hands over the skins and a bill.-
Hirenn: I'll collect from her later.
Hirenn: I know she's good for it.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Here you go. Hirenn also sent along a bill, I tucked it in with the skins.
Liera: Thanks.
Liera: I have to send him payment later.
Rewards: 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.