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Little White Lies
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Quasus Adyum
YOU: Hello, I am looking for some small jobs to complete.
-Quasus seems to look straight through you for a moment, lost in kras thoughts.-
Quasus: Greetings, Gemma.
-Quasus tilts kras head back and looks at the ceiling whilst continuing to speak.-
Quasus: Many times have I bent the truth to be kind, yet I have no regrets, for I am far surer of what is kind than of what is true.
-A strangely comforting silence fills the room for a moment before Quasus returns kras gaze to you.-
Quasus: I wonder…
Quasus: I have a dear friend, Tyrus Beaut, whom I have not spoken to for some time.
Quasus: Would you perhaps visit kra and ask kra to come see me?
YOU: Yes, I know where kra is.
-Quasus smiles softly.-
Quasus: Thank you, just tell kra that Quasus wants to speak to kra.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Quasus would like to speak with you.
Tyrus: Oh…
Tyrus: Quasus wants to speak to me, you say?
Tyrus: Well…
Tyrus: I shall have to pay kra a visit then.
Tyrus: I do thank you for enlightening me, oh benignant one.
-Tyrus smiles and holds up a finger, indicating for you to wait as kra flips through a well worn notebook.-
Tyrus: May I read you some of my poetry?
Tyrus: I would love to know what you think of it.
YOU: Sure, I'd love to hear one of your poems.
-Tyrus grins widely and chuckles to himself.-
Tyrus: Very well then, prepare yourself!
-Tyrus clears his throat then speaks loudly.-
Tyrus: The undulating blaze dissipates the grain…
Tyrus: In the umbel-bearing night
-Tyrus pauses for dramatic effect.-
Tyrus: And a clacker makes bellowing dictum, on the starkers and meddlesome, maiden of the lake.
-Tyrus snickers.-
Tyrus: Well…
Tyrus: what did you think?
Tyrus: Good or bad?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Not exactly my style.
Tyrus: Well…
Tyrus: that may be.
-Tyrus shrugs.-
Tyrus: Good or bad, it is what it is.
Tyrus: Tell Quasus that I will visit soon.
-Tyrus ushers you away with a wave of his hand.-
→ Go to Quasus Adyum
YOU: Tyrus will visit tomorrow.
-Quasus smiles gently.-
Quasus: Thank you my child, I will look forward to it.
Way 2:
YOU: It was good.
-Tyrus bursts into laughter.-
Quasus: It is a fair-formed work, is it not?
-Tyrus grins mischievously.-
Quasus: Tell Quasus that you liked the poem.
Quasus: Farewell.
→ Go to Quasus Adyum
YOU: I liked the poem.
-A soft blue light fills the room.-
Quasus: You are indeed a kind person, YOU.
Quasus: Please take this as a gift from Talad…
Quasus: and please come visit me again soon.
Rewards: 1 Apple, 15 Faction with Conclave of the Glyphs, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.