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Loren Chama Needs Dye
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: Do you have any work for me?
Loren: Of course.
Loren: Anything to help out the little people.
Loren: The Octarch's birthday feast is coming soon, and one does not just meet the Dome Octarch Iragdun Salikarios looking less than one's best.
Loren: I need dye for my hair; can you get it for me?
YOU: Yes, where would I find some?
Loren: Wonderful!
Loren: Go see Brintec.
Loren: He's a carpet-seller and dyer in Ojaveda; ask around if you do not know where that is.
Loren: I will give you double the value of the dye for your efforts.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: Loren Chama sent me for some dye.
Brintec: I have very little left; there has been a rush on it lately.
Brintec: I suspect it has something to do with the Octarch's upcoming feast.
Brintec: It will cost you 200 tria.
-Brintec shows an empty hand.-
YOU: [ NAME gives Brintec two hundred trias.]
Brintec: A pleasure doing business!
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: I got the dye you wanted.
Loren: Thank you.
Loren: Here is your pay.
Loren: If you ask later, I may have more work for you.
Rewards: 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.