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Loren Chama needs a wood sculpture
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: Is there anything else I can do?
Loren: Ah yes.
Loren: You have done a job for me already, have you not?
Loren: I can trust you with this.
Loren: I require a gift for the Octarch's feast; after all, one does not just see the Dome Octarch Iragdun Salikarios empty-handed.
Loren: I would like a wood sculpture.
Loren: Yonda Axebow lives near the Library and she used to make them.
Loren: They became quite trendy, but she says she cannot afford to make them anymore.
Loren: Resolve whatever problem Yonda has and get me a sculpture, and I will compensate you admirably.
Loren: Will you accept?
YOU: Yes, I can do that.
Loren: Super.
Loren: Get right on that.
Loren: Go and ask Yonda about sculptures or tell her I sent you.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Tell me about your wood sculpture.
Yonda: I make wood sculptures as playthings for little kids, but there are also a number of grown-ups who buy them as display pieces.
Yonda: From time to time, I go to the library and read books about other levels of Yliakum, the stone labyrinths, or even lands beyond the portals, to find my inspiration.
Yonda: I love this kind of work but it is hard to earn enough money doing that alone.
Yonda: This is especially true now that Kaiman has raised the price for wood unexpectedly: I am running low on wood stock.
Yonda: Could you please try to talk to him, and convince him to lower the cost back to its original price?
YOU: Yes, where is this Kaiman?
Yonda: That is wonderful!
Yonda: You only need to find Kaiman Jilatt near the plaza and speak to him.
Yonda: Please convince him to lower them again.
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: Yonda Axebow sent me about the wood prices.
Kaiman: The sculpture and carving woman right?
Kaiman: Look, I do not really want to haggle, wood costs what it costs.
Kaiman: Leave me to my other business.
Kaiman: Wait!
Kaiman: Speaking of business, you look like an adventurer…
Kaiman: I'll tell you what.
Kaiman: If you do something for me, I will lower the price for your friend Yonda Axebow.
Kaiman: Is this acceptable?
YOU: Yes, what do you need?
Kaiman: Wonderfull!
-Kaiman eyes grow wide.-
Kaiman: I need you to go and find me an axe.
Kaiman: It cannot be just any axe either; this one is all the way out in Ojaveda.
Kaiman: These mastercrafted axes are fashioned by Hammerwielders for combat, although I will use it for deforestation.
Kaiman: Trasok Starhammer occasionally stocks those axes.
Kaiman: I can give you the money needed.
Kaiman: I will give you a note of assurance that Trasok might accept, but he may want more.
Kaiman: If so, do as he asks and return with the axe.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I am here for a Mastercrafted Axe.
Trasok: Ah, the merchant in Hydlaa sent you, right?
Trasok: You know, those Mastercrafted Axes are not easy to come by.
Trasok: Their manufacture is a closely guarded secret so they have to be imported from the fourth level of Yliakum.
Trasok: They don't call it the Forge for nothing.
-Trasok puts his hands on the counter.-
Trasok: What did Kaiman send you with?
YOU: Kaiman's note of assurance.
Trasok: Let me see that please.
-Trasok reaches out hand.-
YOU: Here is the note.
Trasok: Hmm…
Trasok: this isn't quite enough, but I will hold this for you while you go and do a little favor for me.
Trasok: I have a friend who is an engineer.
Trasok: He has sent me a letter desperate for aid.
Trasok: We have traded riddles for years together; he says he has found a problem that stumps him.
Trasok: If you can get a note from him saying you solved his problem and give it to me, I will give you the mastercrafted axe.
Trasok: Do you agree?
YOU: Ok, Yes.
Trasok: Good.
Trasok: Go and see Hiacheius Dilechi at the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Trasok: Those are the ones on the other side of Hydlaa.
Trasok: He manages the waterwheel.
Trasok: When you get there, tell Hiacheius that Trasok Starhammer sent you.
Trasok: Return with the answer and I will give you the axe.
→ Go to Hiacheius Dilechi
YOU: Trasok Starhammer sent me.
Hiacheius: T-T-Trasok send you?
Hiacheius: I was really hoping for his aid on this one.
Hiacheius: I guess you will d-do, I may just need an alternative p-p-per-p-perspective to solve this puzzle.
Hiacheius: Well here goes, I will tell you the problem.
Hiacheius: A Lemur p-p-peasant was condemned to die for an act of treason.
Hiacheius: The Vigesimi court gave her the f-following choice: We will allow one final statement.
Hiacheius: You may say whatever you wish to the crowd, but our mages will know whether you lie or not.
Hiacheius: If you lie, we will hang you, a painful death.
Hiacheius: If you tell the truth, we will have you beheaded, an immediate death.
Hiacheius: The Lemur thought for a m-moment, gave her statement, and was permitted to walk free because the court could not determine the appropriate means of execution.
Hiacheius: What statement could the Lemur give that made sentencing impossible?
YOU: I will be hanged.
Hiacheius: No, I…
-Hiacheius starts muttering.-
Hiacheius: Ah, you are correct!
Hiacheius: I see it clearly now: it is a classic paradox of the liar.
Hiacheius: If they hang him, then he was telling the truth and should have been beheaded.
Hiacheius: If he is beheaded, then he is lying and should have been hanged!
Hiacheius: Great work!
Hiacheius: Here is the riddle note Trasok wanted.
Hiacheius: Just give it to him when you see him.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I have a riddle for you.
Trasok: Ah, thank you.
Trasok: I see you were a success!
Trasok: How can I ever repay you?
Trasok: …Oh, right, the axe.
Trasok: Here is your axe, and here are some extra circles for the note.
Trasok: You should now return this axe to Kaiman Jilatt.
Trasok: Thanks again.
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: I believe this axe is for you.
Kaiman: I see you have returned.
Kaiman: I trust you handled everything easily?
Kaiman: No matter; I have been trying to get one of these for weeks now.
Kaiman: You have made me very happy.
Kaiman: I will not just lower the price, but lower it substantially.
Kaiman: Bring this new bill to Yonda Axebow; the price is now lower than before I raised it.
Kaiman: She should be pleased.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Here is the new bill.
Yonda: Oh my goodness!
-Yonda reads the bill and her jaw hangs slack in amazement.-
Yonda: What did you say to him?
Yonda: Never mind, I do not need to know, thank you ever so much!
Yonda: I do not know how to repay you.
Yonda: I have no sculptures on hand…
Yonda: unless…
-Yonda ponders the situation.-
Yonda: Yes, you have done well enough for me; here is my best piece ever.
Yonda: I hope it makes it into good hands.
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: The sculpture you wanted.
Loren: Very nicely done, and this is the best sculpture I have ever seen.
Loren: I cannot wait to see our Octarch receive this.
Loren: Here is your promised reward; you may choose the one more suited to your needs.
Rewards: 1 Light gylph, 1 Book of Blades[OR], 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.