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Lori's Little Delivery
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: Anything I can do for you?
Lori: Yeee-es, I think here is a small thing you could do for me, and it would be quite helpful.
-Lori smiles at you and turns to pull a fat volume of Lemur poetry from a shelf. She reaches into the gap between books, taking out a small light blue box before putting the poetry back in its place.-
Lori: Would you be willing to run this out to Nyshyn?
Lori: She's out in the ruins outside the city, studying them.
Lori: I'll give you a nice runner's fee when you return with proof that she received it.
YOU: I'll do it.
Lori: Fantastic.
-Lori gives you the box.-
Lori: Try not to bounce it around too much, and don't mess with the lock, hm?
-Lori winks at you.-
YOU: I won't.
Lori: Good, go on then, let's get that box out to Nyshyn.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
Nyshyn: What a cute little box.
-Nyshyn turns it in her paws a few times, ears twitching slightly as she hears the item within sliding around. She lifts the box to her nose to sniff at it.-
Nyshyn: Ah, from Lori.
Nyshyn: Doubtless you are going back to see her to collect your fee.
Nyshyn: Since I have a letter I hope to get to her soon, would you mind delivering it to her?
YOU: Sure, I'll do it.
Nyshyn: Most pleasing, and thank you.
-Nyshyn smiles as she gives you the letter and six Octa.-
Nyshyn: This letter should also serve as proof that you did deliver the box to me; she'll appreciate that.
Nyshyn: The Octas are for you to keep, for ensuring speedy delivery.
Nyshyn: Take care, and may your path be lit, Sir.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: I have a letter for you.
Lori: Oh, she had a letter for me, eh?
-Lori scans the message, frowning.-
Lori: Hmm.
Lori: Could I ask you to do just one more favor for me?
Lori: I just need you to peek at something in the plaza, it wouldn't take long.
YOU: Ok, I'll go.
Lori: Fantastic.
Lori: You're so helpful.
Lori: So, you know those big stone blocks around the statue of the Masked God?
Lori: There are numbers on some of them.
Lori: I need to know what the number is on the one closest to Harnquist's smithy.
Lori: I think it's five hundred something, but I don't remember the exact figure.
Lori: Please be sure you get the right one.
YOU: 550
Lori: Ah, yes, that was it.
Lori: Thank you.
-Lori studies the letter again, reading it very slowly, her eyebrows quirking upward now and then.-
Lori: Interesting…
Lori: I wonder…
Lori: no, he wouldn't…
-Lori re-reads a portion of the letter.-
Lori: Or would he..?
Lori: Hmm!
Lori: We'll have to meet and talk.
-Lori looks up at you.-
Lori: Oh, your fee, sorry to keep you waiting.
Lori: Thank you for your help today.
-Lori opens her purse, takes out some coins, considers, takes out a few more, and passes them to you.-
Lori: Come back and see me some time, I may have something else you can help me with, and there's more coin to be had where those came from.
-Lori winks.-
Lori: Take care, my good Sir.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Thieves Organization, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.