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Lorytia Starhammer and the Clan Reunion
Required: 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Gold Ingot.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: I'm headed out of here shortly. May I deliver anything for you on my way back?
Lorytia: I think I have something ye can do for me indeed.
Lorytia: Ye see, me clan is havin’ a meetin’.
Lorytia: The whole Starhammer clan is comin’ to the Dome for the first time in eight years, so the clan members on this level are expected to take care of ceremonies.
Lorytia: I am on duty here, and cannot do everything myself.
Lorytia: We need a large forged crest of the clan for the gathering; perhaps Trasok will handle it for me.
Lorytia: Will ye be so kind as to take him this note?
YOU: I'd be happy to stop at his place for you.
Lorytia: That is very kind; I thank you.
Lorytia: Here is the note: just tell him I sent you.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I bear a message from Lorytia Starhammer.
Trasok: What does the old witch want now?
Trasok: Did she send ye with a letter?
Trasok: Let me see the message
-Trasok holds out his hand-
YOU: I have a letter for you.
Trasok: Oh ah.
-Trasok opens the letter.-
Trasok: Well I will be a flying wad of Megaras spit!
Trasok: Can you believe that old hag wants me to do decorations for her party?
Trasok: Absurd!
Trasok: I cannot believe the audacity of that wicked Ulber-eyed tebu-sniffer.
Trasok: By the gods!
Trasok: She should be flung into the Crystal, that old bog-sifter.
Trasok: She wants symbol?
Trasok: I’ll give her a symbol!
-Trasok places a thin beaten iron sheet and puts it on to heat.-
Trasok: Of all the strange ways to try to make contact with someone…arg!
-The metal heats and Trasok pulls out a special hammer that seems to bear the likeness of Lorytia. Trasok points the face of the hammer at the heated iron sheet and delivers a savage blow.-
Trasok: What do you think of it?
YOU: Words can't describe it.
Trasok: Heh.
-Trasok drops the Lorytia-headed hammer in the quench tank and turns the iron sheet over violently. Imprinted there is a huge dent that looks a lot like Lorytia.-
Trasok: Wait, I almost forgot the beard.
-Trasok takes some magnetized iron fillings and sprinkles them on the face of the dented metal, forming a beard.-
Trasok: Now there is a fine symbol for the evil coal-hearted shrew!
-Trasok places the whole in a quench tank. Steam rises as the metal cools.-
Trasok: Now you tell that hairy faced clacker-kisser that Trasok sends his regards and give her this.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: Trasok Starhammer sends his regards.
Lorytia: Good, good.
Lorytia: Then he is not still angry.
Lorytia: Let me see what he has sent along then.
-Lorytia holds out her hands.-
YOU: winces a bit then hands over the crest.
Lorytia: By the gods, this will never do!
Lorytia: The old tyrant is still mad at me!
-Lorytia inspects the workmanship.-
Lorytia: He did well on my beard though.
Lorytia: You would think after eight years he could put all this behind him.
-Lorytia looks sad and thinks.-
Lorytia: Oh, I am sorry, you are still here…
Lorytia: do you want to hear what happened?
YOU: It might help you to talk about it.
Lorytia: It was eight years ago, at the last gathering of the Starhammer clan.
Lorytia: Trasok and I were involved back then and as chance would have it, I was chosen as a judge of a crafting contest.
Lorytia: Well Trasok had submitted a piece, and I was trying too hard to be objective when judging.
Lorytia: I was too harsh on him.
Lorytia: I gave him a score that was less than what he deserved; it was clear to everyone that his taking second place was unfair, and that it was my fault.
Lorytia: What was worse was that I responded badly to his taking second place and felt the need to defend my scoring, so I gave him a scathing review of the work he had done very loudly.
Lorytia: I nitpicked every detail and even made up some flaws that were not present.
Lorytia: The old bird just walked away and has not spoken to me since.
Lorytia: Well, if he wants to hold a grudge, fine!
Lorytia: I will just have Harnquist make the Clan Symbol.
Lorytia: Take this note and give to Harnquist.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: I have a special commission for you from the Starhammer Clan.
-Harnquist reads the note.-
Harnquist: Interesting; a Starhammer clan symbol.
Harnquist: Well, Lorytia should know better.
Harnquist: Only a Hammerwielder has the techniques needed to do some of the knot work needed for such a symbol.
Harnquist: They keep their tribal techniques to themselves to retain a certain originality to their work, and are generally the most advanced blacksmiths in Yliakum.
Harnquist: You have to ask Trasok about this.
Harnquist: He is much more capable at this specific task than someone like me is.
Harnquist: Return to Lorytia Starhammer and tell her Harnquist sent you back.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: Harnquist doesn't have the training necessary to do this.
Lorytia: I figured Harnquist could do anything that old fool Trasok could.
Lorytia: Goodness, I sure am sorry for sending ye trekking about all over the Dome for me.
Lorytia: I need one more favor from ye.
Lorytia: If ye can figure out a way to get Trasok to complete the Clan Symbol in time for the party, I will give ye an heirloom my grandpappy gave me.
Lorytia: Ye still interestd in helping me?
YOU: Of course I am.
Lorytia: Glad yer still with me.
Lorytia: Okay, let me try apologizing.
-Lorytia writes a new letter.-
Lorytia: Let us see here: 'Dear Trasok, I am very sorry I judged ye unfairly, I know ye worked very hard on your piece for the competition and you should have won.
Lorytia: I take full responsibility for shortchanging you on the scores.
Lorytia: I was nervous and did not want our clan mates to think I favored ye too much.
Lorytia: Please accept this apology in the interests of clan unity.
Lorytia: Best regards, Lorytia Starhammer.' Does that sound good to ye?
Lorytia: Oh never mind, it is as good as he is getting.
Lorytia: Now in order to complete the clan symbol, Trasok is going to need some materials; namely, an iron ingot and a gold ingot.
Lorytia: He may have some means to get them prepared for you, but ye might make your journey faster if you have them on hand.
Lorytia: For now, all I want ye to do is go to Trasok, give him the letter, and see what he says.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: You might want to read this right away. It's important.
Trasok: What is this?
-Trasok opens the letter.-
Trasok: An apology letter!
Trasok: I did not think the vile trepor-faced wench had it in her!
-Trasok reads on.-
Trasok: Oh bla bla bla clan unity!
Trasok: Never would have been divided if she were not such a gobble-wit.
Trasok: Fine!
Trasok: I will do it.
Trasok: Since you seem so interested, you are going to help me assemble it.
Trasok: I am going to need one iron ingot and one gold ingot.
Trasok: Return when you have these things and give them to me.
YOU: I've brought the items you need for the Clan symbol.
Trasok: They look fine.
Trasok: I am gonna work on this for a while.
Trasok: Go get me a beer from Brado to occupy yourself.
Trasok: I hate being watched while I work.
Trasok: Just tell him I want a beer.
Trasok: When you have it, return and hand it over.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Trasok's thirsty. He sent me over to fetch a beer.
Brado: So he shall have one.
Brado: I shall put it on his tab.
Brado: Here you go.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: The mug makes a satisfying 'thunk' as it is put on the table.
-Trasok is sweating and out of breath. Steam rises from the quench tank.-
Trasok: It gets mighty hot in here.
-Trasok smiles and drinks the beer down without pausing.-
Trasok: Ah!
Trasok: Now that is better!
Trasok: Thank you.
Trasok: You seem to be a decent person.
Trasok: Let me finsh inscribing the back here and then it is all yours.
-Trasok works at inscribing the back of the clan symbol.-
Trasok: The inscription reads: 'Dear Trasok, I am very sorry I judged ye unfairly.
Trasok: Please accept this apology in the interests of clan unity.
Trasok: Best regards, Lorytia Starhammer.' There we go.
Trasok: Now, you know what you have to do next?
YOU: Yes. I see another long walk in my future.
Trasok: Good.
Trasok: Here is the symbol Lorytia needs for the clan meeting; now maybe she will leave me be for another eight years.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: At last, I have it!
Lorytia: Goodness, It seems to have gotten very dusty on the way!
Lorytia: Will you do me the added service of taking this to Hiacheius Delichi for a polish and a protective coating?
YOU: Sure. Why not?
Lorytia: Wonderful; you will find Hiacheius near the waterwheel.
Lorytia: He is a technician.
Lorytia: Just tell him I sent you and that you need the Clan Symbol polished, and he'll put a protective coating on it too.
→ Go to Hiacheius Dilechi
YOU: Lorytia Starhammer needs your help.
Hiacheius: Oh let me see that!
-Hiacheius raises spectacles and puts out his hands.-
YOU: Interesting, isn't it?
Hiacheius: W-w-wow this is n-n-nice.
Hiacheius: It will cost you two hundred tria to p-p-p-polish and c-c-c-coated, or you can wager over my riddle.
Hiacheius: If you g-g-get it correct, I will p-p-polish this item for you free of charge, but if you get it wrong you pay four hundred tria.
Hiacheius: Will you attempt to answer my riddle?
YOU: I love riddles. I'll play!
Hiacheius: Ok I will ask my riddle only when you are ready.
YOU: I'm ready to try.
-Hiacheius breathes deeply and relaxes before speaking.-
Hiacheius: Here is your riddle: Raithen told his two best guards that one of them was to get a promotion, but that they were so evenly matched he did not know who should get it.
Hiacheius: He assigned each a specific trepor.
Hiacheius: One he dyed red and one he dyed blue.
Hiacheius: He told them race on their trepors to Hydlaa, and whichever of the two guards had the slowest Trepor would win.
Hiacheius: Raithen departed.
Hiacheius: The two guards were stumped and could not figure out what they were meant to do.
Hiacheius: Each of them was busily trying to move slower than one another did when I stopped them.
Hiacheius: They were clearly despondent, I encouraged them to dismount with me and tell me of their problem.
Hiacheius: I gave them a hint that might help them.
Hiacheius: As soon as they heard it, they each mounted a Trepor and departed rapidly toward Hydlaa.
Hiacheius: What hint d-d-d-did I g-g-g-give them?
YOU: change trepors
Hiacheius: Correct, if they switch mounts they can actually race because getting there first would mean winning.
Hiacheius: Now you should take this back to Lorytia Starhammer and tell her it is polished.
→ Go to Lorytia Starhammer
YOU: Here it is, all shiny and clean.
Lorytia: Now I have a reward for you.
Lorytia: You may not think it much, but it has been in my family for three generations.
Lorytia: I cannot thank you enough; hopefully this will help.
Rewards: 1 Master Crafted Rock Pick, 20 Faction with Hammerwielder, 10800 XP.