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Lost Artifacts
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: Hi Kerryk how are you?
Kerryk: You are here, good.
Kerryk: I need someone I can trust.
-Kerryk smiles somewhat nervously.-
Kerryk: I do need your help, Gemma Kran.
Kerryk: You see, I told you about the thieves a little while ago, did I not?
Kerryk: Yes, of course I did.
Kerryk: It seems they returned last night and this time important things are missing!
Kerryk: Can you help me with this?
Kerryk: I will be pleased to reward you well!
YOU: Sure, I have some free time to spare.
Kerryk: Thank you!
Kerryk: Thank you!
Kerryk: Here is my problem: I haven't any idea who would have wanted to take them, or how they even knew they were here.
Kerryk: Perhaps the village guards might know something about last night.
Kerryk: Maybe they saw something?
-Kerryk anxiously taps kras fingers together.-
Kerryk: I do not know…
Kerryk: this is all so troubling!
Kerryk: These thieves have taken some of the artifacts that my friend on the Stronghold recently sent to me, and it is important that they not be lost or damaged…
Kerryk: so much knowledge could be destroyed.
Kerryk: I hope that you can learn something of what happened.
Kerryk: I must have those artifacts back!
Kerryk: Hurry quick.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Some thieves stole some stuff from Kerryk last night, have you seen anything?
Malco: Malco not know.
Malco: Malco sleep night.
-Malco rubs kras helmet with his large hand and suddenly remembers something.-
Malco: Urr…
Malco: Malco find!
Malco: By Kerryk house.
-Malco looks through kras gear and takes out a dirty leather case that contains a silver drinking flask. Kra stuffs it into your hand.-
Malco: Find on way home.
Malco: Give Gurgus.
Malco: Maybe Gurgus know.
Malco: Go Now.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Have you ever seen this flask?
Gurgus: Hmm…
-Gurgus turns the object in kras hands, inspecting it.-
Gurgus: What is the story behind this?
YOU: Malco found it near Kerryk's house last night.
Gurgus: I have never seen it before.
-Gurgus opens the flask and peers inside.-
Gurgus: Nothing left in there.
-Gurgus takes the flask from the case and studies it.-
Gurgus: Hmm.
Gurgus: This flask is engraved.
Gurgus: Maybe these can help you find the owner.
-Gurgus puts the flask back in the case and hands it to you.-
Gurgus: Good luck with your investigation, Gemma.
Gurgus: I will visit Malco and see if I may learn more.
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: Have you ever seen this flask?
Crosh: Ah, there she is!
Crosh: Yes, thank you Gemma.
Crosh: It's very kind of you to bring her back home again.
-Crosh smiles happily and tucks the flask out of sight under his breastplate. He brushes his hands quickly against each other.-
Crosh: It was a pair of clot-headed bandits was down here the other day, and they thought hassling a lone soldier tryin' to do his duty would be a bit of fun.
Crosh: Think they were workin' for that creepy fellow that lives down there.
-Crosh turns his head and spits.-
Crosh: The one who calls himself 'Zak.' What kind of name is that supposed to be?
Crosh: Huh.
-Crosh shakes his head.-
Crosh: Some day that fellow's enemies are going to catch up with him, they are.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: What do you know about some stolen artifacts from Kerryk's last night?
Zak: Artifacts?
Zak: I might know something about that.
-Zak smiles.-
Zak: I heard that some old archivist misplaced some records, pity that.
-Zak looks you over quickly.-
Zak: You seem like the able sort, you found your way down here to bother me.
Zak: Tell you what, help me put together a deal, and we'll split the profits.
Zak: If you are not interested, then you had best be getting on your way.
Zak: That archivist friend of yours might need help rewriting some things if he's not careful.
Zak: So what'll it be?
Zak: You going to help me or run home to your tome-trepor?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: I don't deal with people like you.
Zak: Ha, fair enough.
Zak: Go tell your friend you failed.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: I was unable to locate the artifacts.
Kerryk: What do you mean?
-Kerryk looks disappointed.-
Kerryk: Did you find out who it was?
YOU: Zak, under the Laanx temple mentioned them.
Kerryk: Zak?
-Kerryk looks angry.-
Kerryk: So that is his name.
Kerryk: That…
Kerryk: cantankerous criminal…
Kerryk: that bumbling brute….
Kerryk: that ruthless rogue…
Kerryk: He will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing.
Kerryk: This Zook or Zak or whatever his name was will just keep on if something doesn't happen.
Kerryk: Go talk to Levrus and then Grimal Bloodaxe, and tell them that this Zak is the one who has been causing the problems.
-Kerryk mutters something under kras breath.-
Kerryk: I am sure they will agree it is time we put a stop to this.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Zak is causing all the problems.
Levrus: Zak?
Levrus: Hmm…
Levrus: I have heard rumors of such a rogue who lives hidden here in Hydlaa, and Kerryk believes that this is who has been causing our problems?
Levrus: It seems the thievery is being uncovered!
Levrus: Yes, I think there is something, something I can do to help!
-Levrus giggles. He offers you a potion.-
Levrus: Drink this potion.
Levrus: Wait..
Levrus: no, no, that won't help.
-Levrus puts the potion back.-
Levrus: Hmm.
Levrus: Confuse him…
Levrus: amuse him…
Levrus: confound…
Levrus: confounded.
Levrus: Frighten him?
Levrus: Oh, yes, yes!
-Levrus reaches into his desk and pulls out a piece of parchment and chuckles as he hurriedly writes in a sprawling hand.-
Levrus: Here, take this to Grimal Bloodaxe and let him read it; he should understand.
-Levrus gives you the parchment.-
Levrus: This will be amusing after all.
Levrus: I have left a bit of room if Grimal thinks there needs to be anything added.
-Levrus chuckles to himself.-
Levrus: You had best be on your way.
→ Go to Grimal Bloodaxe
YOU: Levrus thought you might want to add something.
Grimal: Huh, what's this?
-Grimal reads the note and raises an eyebrow. He laughs.-
Grimal: I see, so it is Zak who has been our problem.
-Grimal slaps his axe with his palm and grins.-
Grimal: I'll scare the fight out of that lowly rogue!
-Grimal adds a message of his own to the parchment, scowling ferociously as he writes in large letters with a piece of charcoal.-
Grimal: Here you go.
-Grimal hands you back the parchment.-
Grimal: Give that to Zak, he'll be thinking twice about giving us trouble!
→ Go to Zak
YOU: This is for you.
Zak: What is this?
-Zak opens the note and begins to read.-
Zak: Levrus…!
Zak: Grimal..!
Zak: Magic I can't even comprehend…
Zak: head off my neck…
-Zak puts the note down, and looks at you, his tone sarcastic as he speaks.-
Zak: By the gods, what welcome news.
Zak: If this is how you wish to play the game, then know this, you either pay me ten circles or I can guarantee that those precious artifacts you seek will be worthless.
-Zak levels his gaze on you.-
Zak: So what will it be, pay or take your chances?
YOU: Ok, I'll pay.
[INFO]: If you choose to take your chances, Zak will break the artifact and you won't have the glyph in reward, you will just have 60 octas and +10 education factions.
Zak: Good thinking.
Zak: Give me the twenty circles.
YOU: Here's your money.
-Zak takes the coins with a smile before retrieving a small box and handing it to you.-
Zak: Can't say it's been a pleasure, but here are your precious artifacts.
Zak: Go now, before I change my mind.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: I have recovered your artifacts.
Kerryk: You found them!
Kerryk: I owe you more than you understand.
Kerryk: Here, take this!
-Kerryk hands you a large handful of coins.-
Kerryk: And this!
-Kerryk hands you a glyph.-
Kerryk: Thank you so much.
Kerryk: Please, come back again, you will always be welcome here, YOU.
Kerryk: And one other thing, if you're ever in Ojaveda, you might want to visit the herbal shop there.
Kerryk: Vladovic is a fine fellow and may have some things for you to do.
Kerryk: In fact, last I heard he was trying to help some Enki named Bjorid.
Way 2:
YOU: yes
Kerryk: Wise choice.
-Zak smirks.-
Kerryk: I got some of the artifacts, but not the best one: The Head of Talad.
Kerryk: It's actually just a sculpture of his head, but a buyer seems to think it is magical or something and is ready to spend some good tria on it.
Kerryk: If you get it for me, I'll split the deal, I'll give you fifty percent of whatever the buyer pays me.
Kerryk: You in?
YOU: yes
Kerryk: Good, good.
Kerryk: We need to get kra to give up the head.
-Zak thinks a moment-
Kerryk: Tell Kerryk you need the other artifacts.
Kerryk: If kra asks why, say it's for the investigation.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: give me artifacts
Kerryk: Hmm, what do you need them for?
YOU: investigation
Kerryk: Oh, right.
Kerryk: I hope you are getting somewhere.
Kerryk: I really need those artifacts back; the knowledge they hold…
-Kerryk's voice trails off as kra retrieves the last of the artifacts and hands them to you in a small box.-
Kerryk: Here you go, please be careful with them!
→ Go to Zak
-Zak opens the small box-
Zak: Ah, excellent.
Zak: Here is the head.
-Zak takes out a small sculpted head and continues looking through the box.-
Zak: Huh.
Zak: The rest of this is of no use to me.
Zak: Take this other stuff back to the Kran.
Zak: If he asks tell kra Rogues stole the head.
-Zak sneers-
Zak: Got it?
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
-Kerryk opens the box quickly and then looks at you.-
Kerryk: What happened to the head?
Kerryk: The head of Talad is missing.
Kerryk: I entrusted you with a very valuable item, where is it?
YOU: Rogues stole the head
-Kerryk frowns.-
Kerryk: How unfortunate.
Kerryk: I hope you are all right.
-Kerryk looks inside the box again and sighs quietly.-
Kerryk: Well.
Kerryk: I suppose I will have to see what I can do: I can not put you in that kind of danger again.
-Kerryk gives you a few coins.-
Kerryk: Thank you for making an effort, Gemma.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Weight glyph, 25 Faction with Science Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP, [Way 2] 1 Weight glyph, -1 Faction with Kran, 5 Faction with Hammerwielder, 200 Tria, 3000 XP.