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Making Leather Armor
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Hirenn sent me. I want to learn how to make leather armor.
Jeyarp: Aha, you are a new apprentice of Hirenn's?
Jeyarp: Wonderful.
Jeyarp: Leather is such a fine material to work with.
Jeyarp: My wife, Gayla, and I make a wonderful living with leather.
Jeyarp: It's strong, light, and flexible.
Jeyarp: Of course it's no match for the protection of heavy armor but it makes up for it in other ways like comfort and flexibility.
Jeyarp: And it looks a lot nicer doesn't it?
-Jeyarp shakes his head a bit.-
Jeyarp: Ah making armor, right.
Jeyarp: Since you have worked with Hirenn, I assume you have some leather pieces ready to go?
YOU: Yes, I'm ready to go.
Jeyarp: Alright, let's get started.
Jeyarp: Near our shop here is a leatherworking table.
Jeyarp: You'll use that to make your leather armor.
-Jeyarp looks around then looks over by his wife.-
Jeyarp: Ah there's what I'm looking for.
Jeyarp: Dear, can you hand me that book?
-Gayla grabs a book, hands it to Jeyarp and he holds it up.-
Jeyarp: This here is an armor making book just for leather armor.
Jeyarp: It's a fine manual which will guide you in making many different leather wares.
Jeyarp: You with me so far?
YOU: So, what exactly can I make?
Jeyarp: Well let's see.
Jeyarp: You can make gloves and boots.
Jeyarp: There's also leather armor for the torso and arms.
Jeyarp: And of course leather pants.
Jeyarp: You can even make a leather cap.
Jeyarp: So take this book.
-He hands you the book.-
Jeyarp: When making leather armor, use this book as a reference.
Jeyarp: Leather is a strong material but it can be pierced.
Jeyarp: In fact it needs to be to sew parts together.
Jeyarp: This is done with a copper needle and thread.
Jeyarp: That you can use to combine your leather pieces into various armor.
-Jeyarp carefully hands you a copper needle and thread.-
Jeyarp: So, ready for your first lesson?
YOU: Yep, I'm ready. What do I do?
Jeyarp: I want you to make a pair of gloves.
Jeyarp: I've got a customer waiting on a pair and you can help me get them to her.
Jeyarp: First, on the leatherworking table, take two small patches of leather and use your copper needle and thread to make a leather armor patch.
Jeyarp: Remember, a leather patch is not the same as an armor patch; you need to sew two patches together.
Jeyarp: If you don't have small pieces of leather, you can use some hides and a scraper to make them.
Jeyarp: I imagine Hirenn showed you that process.
Jeyarp: We also sell Tanning Crystal Acid and all the tools you'll need here.
Jeyarp: You'll also need a Leather Cutter to make patches and strings.
Jeyarp: Your Basic Leatherworking book will tell you how to do that.
Jeyarp: You can train armor making with Veja Pontor in the arena.
Jeyarp: Show me an leather armor patch once you're done.
YOU: [You show Jeyarp a leather armor patch.] Done, what's next?
Jeyarp: Good, good.
Jeyarp: Now you'll need to make a few more of those leather armor patches and combine them with leather strings to make leather gloves parts.
Jeyarp: The book I gave you will tell you the number and combination of parts you need.
Jeyarp: If you don't already have them, make the strings and patches first using the Basic Leatherworking book, then switch to your Making Leather Armor book and make the parts.
Jeyarp: Come to me once you've made the parts.
YOU: [You show Jeyarp the leather gloves parts.] Here are the parts.
Jeyarp: Looking good.
Jeyarp: Now you can do the final two steps.
Jeyarp: First, notice the puncher on the table.
Jeyarp: Use that to create what we call a kit.
Jeyarp: After that's done, once again use the copper needle and thread to sew parts of the leather gloves kit into a proper pair of gloves.
-Jeyarp has a kit and uses a needle and thread at lightning speed to whip out a pair of gloves.-
Jeyarp: Like this.
-He smiles at you.-
Jeyarp: If this is your first time, do take your time.
Jeyarp: You'll get better the more you do it.
Jeyarp: Don't go by me, I'm an old pro.
Jeyarp: Give it a try and let me see those gloves when you're done.
YOU: Finished! Here are my gloves.
Jeyarp: There you go.
Jeyarp: Making other leather wares is quite similar.
Jeyarp: They just require different combinations of those pieces.
Jeyarp: As you get training in armor making, you'll be able to make more and more leather armor.
-Jeyarp hands you a box.-
Jeyarp: Now take this and deliver it to Vresa Nohdiir.
Jeyarp: She can often be found in the arena.
-Jeyarp hesitates then smiles at you.-
Jeyarp: What, you didn't think I was going to use the gloves you just made, did you?
Jeyarp: I have a reputation to uphold.
-He laughs.-
Jeyarp: Oh, hey, that reminds me.
Jeyarp: I haven't heard from my friend and good customer, Deelor, out in the Eagle Bronze Doors area in awhile.
Jeyarp: If you're ever out that way, stop by and say hi.
→ Go to Vresa Nohdiir
YOU: I have a delivery from Jeyarp.
Vresa: Oh.
Vresa: Are these my new gloves?
Vresa: I've been waiting for them.
-Vresa peeks into the box.-
Vresa: Very good.
Vresa: Jeyarp does fine work.
Vresa: Thank you Enkidukai.
Vresa: Here's a couple of circles for your troubles.
Rewards: 1 Copper Needle, 1 Thread, 1 Making Leather Armor, 15 Faction with Crafting Association, 500 Tria, 10800 XP.