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Malco's Munchies
Required: 1 Green Gold Steak, 1 Kran Liquor, 1 Blue Gold Floater.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Hello Malco, anything I could help you with?
-Malco scratches kras chin.-
-Kra then looks about before saying.-
Malco: Malco could do with munchies.
Malco: Help Malco?
YOU: Sure, I can handle that.
Malco: You look like cook.
Malco: Malco hungry.
Malco: Kra like a green gold steak, drink kran liquor, and blue gold floater.
YOU: Here you go, all you asked for.
Malco: Look nice.
Malco: Malco eat soon.
Malco: Malco happy.
Rewards: 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.