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Malco Need Lunch
Required: 1 Water Pouch, 7 Coal Lump.
[INFO]: This quest is part of a repeatable two-quests-chain. The other quest is called "Malco Broke Hammer".
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: You look like you could use some help.
Malco: Sir want help Malco?
Malco: Malco have problem.
Malco: Malco need Sir help.
YOU: Yes what do you need?
Malco: Malco need eat.
Malco: Malco no bring food.
Malco: Malco need Sir bring food.
YOU: Well, what would you like to eat?
Malco: Malco eat fire rocks.
Malco: Bring seven fire rocks to Malco.
Malco: Get by magic man.
→ Give Malco Mokkar 7 Coal Lump
YOU: Here you go, seven fire rocks.
- Malco Mokkar takes the coal and pokes at it with kras oversized finger.
Malco: Malco like Sir.
Malco: Sir bring Malco good fire rocks.
- Malco Mokkar stops to shove three lumps of coal into kras mouth at once.
- Malco Mokkar chews twice and then swallows. The odour of sulphur wafts towards you.
Malco: Malco watch for Sir.
Malco: Malco want see Sir again.
- Malco Mokkar shoves the final four lumps of coal into kras mouth and swallows.
- Malco Mokkar burps.
Malco: Malco not feel so good.
Malco: Malco eat too fast.
Malco: Malco need drink.
- Malco Mokkar waves you towards the village.
Malco: Sir get Malco drink.
Malco: Pub have good drink for Malco.
→ Give Malco Mokkar 1 Water Pouch
YOU: A bit of water to cool the burn.
- Malco Mokkar grabs the water pouch, sloshing some water from it as kra opens it.
- Malco Mokkar pours the entire pouch down kras throat at once.
- Malco Mokkar lets out a large sigh.
Malco: Malco feel more good now.
Malco: Burn gone.
Malco: Sir make Malco happy.
Malco: Malco give Sir gift.
- Malco Mokkar digs around kras pockets and then opens kras hands in front of you.
Malco: Sir take these.
Malco: Sir make Malco happy.
Malco: Malco make Sir happy.
Rewards: 2 Diamond Crystals, 15 Faction with Kran, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.