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Meeting Mirra Houphen
Required: 4 Apples.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Greetings, I am looking for some work in this area, do you know of any openings?
Mirra: Well actually, since I'm a world famous cook, there are just some things I do not have time for.
Mirra: I could use some ingredients; will you help in finding those?
YOU: Alright, what type of ingredients do you need?
Mirra: Thanks.
Mirra: My newest dish is 'The Apple Twirl 'n Swirl.' And guess what?
Mirra: It needs apples.
Mirra: Please bring me four of them.
-Mirra flutters her eyelashes.-
→ Give Mirra Houphen 4 apples
-Mirra smiles.-
Mirra: Yeah!
Mirra: Now I can continue making my soon to be famous 'Apple Twirl'n Swirl!' Please take this as payment, Enkidukai.
Mirra: Whenever you are in need of some more work, just ask me again!
Rewards: 10 Faction with Food Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.